FRONTIER CITY | Trip Report 06.02.10

Welcome to Frontier City.

Frontier City is located just north of Oklahoma City on I-35.
This is the front gate area and ticket booths. It's not very big.

Once you go through the turnstyle (there is only one) you enter
a huge souvenir store. Inside you will find these singing bears...

...as well as the entrance to one of the premier rides at the park

Diamond Back is almost impossible to photograph from the park.
Here is the top of the loading platform.

The train is then launched down and through this loop before arriving
at another station. There the train is launched backwards through the
same loop. This was really the first version of a "Boomerang" ride.

All in all, it is a very fun ride. Unfortunately it broke down and
I was only able to get one ride in during my visit.

Once you exit the souvenir stand to the rest of the park, you are
greeted by some thematic elements on both sides of the path.

I guess teepees are located near water wheels in this area.

All right, let's explore the rest of the park.


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