It is time for an exclusive construction tour of the
new area at Schlitterbahn Kansas City.
Thanks again to Chris Ozimek for inviting us.

We'll start at the new Boogie Bay. This is another
zero depth entry that takes guests to the end of
Kristal River and then to the Aquaveyor.

Last weekend (Aug 13) the park was able to open two
of the new slides - Loopy Luge and Der Bahn.

Der Bahn (black slide) is an enclosed tube slide and
features a longer, more intense ride than Black Knight.
Loopy Luge is a head-first mat enclosed mat slide.
The third slide, Comal Express will also be a mat slide,
and is currently undergoing further testing.

On either side of the landing for the slide tower, you'll
notice concrete pads.

These will be used for water displacement at night.
When the giant aqua-screw for King Kaw is turned off, that
water has to go somewhere and this is the area that will flood.

Here is the entrance to the Mighty Mo.

These holes are for the water run off of Boogie Bahn. The high
power water being forced out of here will fuel the rapids of the
Mighty Mo tube chute. The holes up on the wall will be for a waterfall.

We'll head over to the aquaveyor next.

So this is where Kristal River ends and guest can either get
out at Boogie Bay, ride the Aquaveyor up to King Kaw or get
out and take these stairs to the slide complex or to the top
of King Kaw and get back in up there.


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