Welcome back to Schlitterbahn Kansas City!
Earlier this week, the park opened the first of
its new 2011 attractions - Blitz Falls!

By opening Blitz Falls, the park has now completed the
circuit loop of their Transportainment Tube system.
Guests can now float from one of the park to the other
without ever leaving their tube!

Blitz Falls is a 2-part attraction that first consists
of an Aquaveyor lift that takes guests from Kristal River.

It then deposits the guests in the new Blitz Falls
tube chute which then takes guests back to the Torrent River.

Guests also have the option of getting out of the water after
their ride on the Aquaveyor instead of continuing on in the chute.

Here you can see the new open chute of Blitz Falls.
The other side of the chute houses the queues for two attractions.

The 6 other attractions are still being worked on.

Here you can see the future homes of an Aqua-Screw
as well as the Aquaveyor to King Kaw and Mighty Mo.

The new slide complex is nearing completion.
Recently a new bridge to the island was built.
The park is hoping to open the slides later this month.

All that is left is some walls and the rest of the walkway.
It will be nice to have the added capacity in the park.

The chutes for the new rivers are nearing completion.

The river closest connects to the Aquaveyor.
The other two are the exits of Kaw and Mo.

Unfortunately they still have a lot of work to do.
But, the opening of the slide tower is getting closer.


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