It's time to take a look at the progress being made
on the huge 2011 expansion at Schlitterbahn KC.

Here is the "end of the line" in the park.

Doing some earthwork over by the Guada-Comal River

This is where the new Boogie Bahn will eventually go.

Another look at that area and what looks like a staging area.

The most visible progress on the new area is the slide complex.

They've made a lot of progress on the different canals on the
north side of the new slide complex hill.

The section with water in it already is where the Kristal River
will connect with the entrance to Boogie Bay and the Aquaveyor canal.
The middle canal is the exit of the Mighty Mo and the other canal
is the exit of King Kaw, both of which empty into Kristal River.

The new slide complex consists of 3 slides.
The black slide is a tube slide called Der Bahn.

The two white slides are mat slides. The closest
one is Loopy Luge and the other is Conal Express.

The park is still shooting for a summer opening of the new
attractions, but it is very obvious that they have a lot of
work left to do. We'll keep you updated on their progress.


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