WORLDS OF FUN PARK UPDATE | Construction Report 04.23.11

We'll start off this update with the progress made on the Grand Carrousel.

The shelter is about finished, all that is left is one side of the roof
and some finishing touches here and there, including the fence work.

The placement of the carrousel really classes up the main plaza area.

Next the catering pavilions have received a new sign and map.

Progress on the new permanent Festahaus pavilion is nearing completion.

Over at the Heart of America Theatre, the former laser light show screen
and support system has finally be taken down for good.

This is just the first step though, the entire stage will be removed soon.
When the park hosts a concert they will bring in a new temporary one.
The real question is, will the ampitheatre eventually be moved or removed?

Bounce-a-roos was removed this off season, this is all that is left of the ride.

Detonator received some safety upgrades this off season with new fencing
and magnetic locking gates, which makes the area look much better.

The former Launch Pad Gifts has become a new Family Care center with
feeding areas, diaper stations and a lot more for the younger ones.


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