May 30, 2008

Oceans of Fun

Welcome to Oceans of Fun

Let's go check out Paradise Falls

This waterfortress is a lot of fun with it 

Soak City Wave Pool was producing huge waves today

These are my favorite slides in the park - TYPHOON

Hurricane Falls is crazy fun. It's a family raft slide.

Honestly we spent most of the day here in Coconut Cove

We had a great day today at Oceans of Fun

May 25, 2008

Park Update (WOF)


The new QB Challenge game.

The newly revamped "Wet Your Whistle" stand.

The flowers are in bloom now around the park.

Banner advertising the season's concert schedule.

The new ICEE stand is now open in Americana.

Something is happening here behind Boomerang and the old Zinger queue building.

May 17, 2008

Bluegrass & BBQ (SDC)

Welcome to Bluegrass & BBQ Festival at SDC

They have a huge shop selling everything related to BBQ cooking in the Frisco Barn

In the Red Gold Heritage Hall - is THE House of Barbeque.

There is a lot of good food available here.

Make sure you save room for dessert

Be sure to come check it.  Who doesn't love a festival about food?