September 17, 2022

World Update (WOF)


Zulu has reopened.

The park refresh continues with new paint showing up at the restrooms near Mamba

Mamba Photo is also being redone

Not sure if the little awnings will return or not

The inside is very brightly colored now

The American Shake Shoppe has finally opened

There are four different options to choose from

They are all made to order

This is the fudge brownie shake it was really good

It appears that this is now an official year round stand in Orient

Sipping Chalet Snacks has finally opened in Scandinavia

Halloween Haunt - Attractions (WOF)


This year's Zombie High had a lot of talented screamsters.  Several good jump scares

The original scare zone has returned to Africa.

The main issue was that the area suffers from either too much fog or none.  Obviously the overly foggy areas are better for the screamsters, but then you have areas like this where there was zero fog and it was hard for the screamsters to hide.

This remains the best maze of the event.  The length combined with the versatility of corn allows for the screamsters to be able to hid in plain sight.  Lots of jump scares here 

This receives the award for the biggest upgrade improvement from last season.  Lots of talent in here and lots of jump scares.  They were really "on" tonight.

Unfortunately with the construction of Zambezi Zinger Peter Peter had to be moved back to Forum Road.  This maze receives the award for biggest downgrade from last season.  It was just a hot mess.  There is zero creepiness to it at all and forget about any jump scares

I mean there are some good visuals, but overall the maze fell flat

Heading up into Europa where Malice in Wonderland is now located

This new scare zone suffers from trying to be too many things

During the day it is used as a trick or treat trail

They are also trying to stay true to story and have all of the characters present

They really need to go back to the drawing board

While the area still suffers from too bright of lighting, the screamsters - most of them are sliders - were doing a great job tonight getting shrieks from the guests

This is still a strange maze for me, I guess you can describe it more as an experience than being scary.  I enjoy it every year, just never have any jump scares

This still reigns as the maze with the best visuals.  Seriously the next time you visit take your time and look around.  The level of detail in here is amazing

The maze was completely redone for this season and it is so much better.  So many jump scares.  So many new visuals.  They have really breathed new life into this old classic.

An interesting new concept for this year.  This new attraction is part scarezone and part maze

Plenty of creepy clown decorations around the area

Some awesome talent as well

Included in Fear Grounds is a mini maze.  They have taken the old Asylum Island mirror jail cells and put them here.  There is also a really cool surprise at the end that I won't spoil.

The 2022 edition of HAUNT was really good. I look forward to the future of this amazing event

Halloween Haunt - Shows (WOF)



Haunted Homecoming is back home in the Moulin Rouge this season

They added a section that features music from the Moulin Rouge musical

Really enjoyed this year's version of the show.  Haunted Homecoming is always a must see for us when we visit during HAUNT

The location of Overlord's Awakening has moved this season

The monsters still lurk within the crowd

The Overlord and the Witches rise over the crowd

Different circus acts perform on the main stage throughout the night

The Witches Ball is a festive dance party on the main stage

Some great entertainment options this year if you are not interested in the haunted attractions