May 22, 2010


Welcome to the Adventureland

I started the day on the Skyride

I really enjoy riding through the trees

Coming in for a landing

How about a ride on a Tornado?

This is a great out and back woodie

Zooming up and down the hills

Lots of airtime to be had on Tornado

How many parks have a huge pig?

Raging River is the park's log flume

This is one of the wettest log flumes I've ridden

Especially if you are "lucky" enough to ride in the front

The Underground is a fun indoor scenic railway

The park's resident looper is the Dragon

Going up the lift hill

The coaster features two back-to-back loops

The ride ends with a couple of helices

The final coaster at the park is the Outlaw

Coming around the first drop

This is easily the best coaster in the park

Let's take a look at the other rides in the park
This is Saw Mill Splash


Rapids River

Light House

Silly Silo

Lady Luck


Shooting Star

Der Flinger

Splash Over

Tea Cups

Space Shot

Ferris Wheel



I had a great time at the park