August 29, 2023

The Joker: Carnival of Chaos - New for 2024 (SFSTL)


August 29, 2023
Six Flags St. Louis Announces THE JOKER™: Carnival of Chaos - New for 2024

Eureka, Missouri -- The crown prince's rein of terror begins today with the announcement of THE JOKER™: Carnival of Chaos coming in 2024.  Get ready to experience the Joker's twisted mind like never before.  Enter his funhouse and be immersed in the sinister world of Gotham's super villains. Next the Joker sends you off on a terrifying and thrilling adventure aboard his swinging pendulum

THE JOKER™: Carnival of Chaos, one of the world’s tallest pendulum rides, stands at a record-breaking 17-stories (172 feet) in the air!  This impressive giant disk will reach speeds up to 75 miles per hour, as it whips back and forth — higher and higher to give riders a staggering view of the world below them.  For even more chaos, the ride spins at it swings, creating a unique thrill experience. Manufactured by Zamperla, this Giga Discovery has a minimum height requirement of 52" and is scheduled to open Spring 2024

August 19, 2023

Rookie Racer (SFSTL)


Rookie Racer's track work is now complete and according to the park, they still plan on opening the ride this season.  Mind you, the park is already on weekend-only operations

The lift hill will be tire driven

Work is still being done on the station.  This will be the exit side

You will enter the station and load on the far side.  There is a stairway to get up here from the eventual queue line

The lift hill.  It appears that they are still working on the safety railing

The first drop is actually pretty impressive for a kiddie coaster

Here is a better look at the angle of decent

After the first drop there is a rather flat helix that turns to the right

Once you get into the helix it is basically the same height until you exit it

Here you can see the very slight height change in this helix.  Also you can see that the train will have plenty of room to go underneath the track

The next helix is a little more impressive and will probably pull some Gs

After exiting the second helix you take this meandering path at the bottom of the photo

Followed by this curve back into the station.  It appears that the only brakes are in the actual station

We noticed that they have put a pole in the middle of this helix.  We wonder if this will be where cameras are mounted for an onride photo

This is the exit ramp for the ride

This is where the queue line for the ride should go.
While the park has not released the Opening Date for the ride, they have promised that it will be released soon.  Once we have that date we will share it on our media platforms

Park Update (SFSTL)


Fright Fest prep is underway at the park

The Pet Cemetary has been set up near Colossus

The Palace Gardens Cemetary has also been set up

This thing is so cool looking

The Slaughter House marquee has been set up

Most of the Zombieville props have been set up near Spinsanity

Some visual progress has been made on the Carousel.  White paint has appeared

I am sure this will be amazing once the renovation is complete, but it sure is taking forever

The Rising Waters game stand near the entrance to the Mine Train has been removed

Fireball has finally returned!

I honestly do not remember the last time I saw this ride operational this season

August 15, 2023

The Underground - NEW for 2024 (Adventureland)


AUGUST 15, 2024 
Adventureland Resoret to Bring Back Guest Favorite THE UNDERGROUND for 50th Birthday Celebration in 2024

Altoon, Iowa -- Adventureland Resort announced today that work is underway on preparations for the park's 50th birthday celebration in 2024.  After adding 11 new attractions to the park over the last two seasons, the park will kick off its 50th season with the return of THE UNDERGROUND - the world's only indoor wooden rollercoaster complete with upgrades that will elevate the ride for guests of all ages.

Next year, visitors can expect to be taken on a journey deep below Adventureland Resort, in search of more than just Sheriff Sam's infamous lost gold.  Guests will embark on a mission through the abandoned mine in search of the legendary outlaw Bad Bob and his gang after a daring gold heist.  The gang has taken cover in the old mine with the stolen gold and some new treasures.  Incorporating new technology and special effects, guests will find themselves in a story-driven experience like never before.  As they venture deeper into the abandoned mine, riders will face new challenges, unexpected twists and opportunities to uncover hidden secrets along the way.

THE UNDERGROUND was built in 1996 by Custom Coasters International.  The unique design features a mix of a wooden roller coaster and a dark ride.  The ride will make its return in 2024 after undergoing a massive refurbishment that included overhauls to the track and a refurbished train - the train is currently in Hatfield, Pennsylvania to be worked on by Philadelphia Toboggan Company. 

"The enhancement of THE UNDERGROUND represents a major milestone for Adventureland Resort, as we honor our past while embracing the future," said Mike Lusky, park General Manager. "We cannot wait for our guests to embark on this new adventure as we celebrate the park's 50th birthday in 2024."

THE UNDERGROUND is scheduled to reopen in the Spring of 2024

August 14, 2023

Fire in the Hole Construction Tour (SDC)



Attendees from today's Town Hall Meeting Media Event were invited to tour the construction site of the New for 2024 Fire in the Hole.  To access the site we had to travel to Fireman's Landing

We then transverse this narrow pathway to go beyond the construction wall.

Once we passed through the wall, we were greeted with our first visuals of the new fa├žade for the ride

The photos really do not do justice in showing just how tall this 5 story building is in real life

A giant banner was hung over the first area where we could look in

This will be the first scene that you see after departing the station

You can see the brown track here and on down to the left is the station

Moving to the second look in location you can see the first length of track for the ride.  The far end is the curve from the station.  You can see on the left where the previous two photos was taken from

Panning right from the previous photo you can see the switch track and the maintenance area for the ride

Panning right you can see the next scene area before continuing on around the curve.

Looking upwards you can see the second level of scenes

In this photo you can see the drop track for the train tunnel and in the far back you can see the drop track for the final drop.

Those with Press Passes were provided and extended tour.
This is the main entrance to the ride.  Upon passing through this doorway you will exit the building again and enter the outdoor queue area

This is the outdoor queue area.  You'll note that it features the ladder lattice work that is prevalent in the rest of Fireman's Landing

This Firewagon was parked in the queue area for today.  Next to it is some earlier concept artwork that has since been updated to what you can see today.

Moving into the building we come to the load station.  From this vantage point, trains will exit to the right through that arch way and returning trains will come back in on the left.  Guests will exit up the stairs after exiting the trains

Some concept art on how the finished load station might look

This room is the final drop for the ride.  It will feature a splash down like the original.  The switch track is for the maintenance area

Here is a zoomed in look at that final drop.

RMC President Darren Torr was stationed near the final drop for interviews

This is the exit side of the station.  Through the arch is the return track after the final drop

This is the first turn out of the station into the gravity building

Guest exit corridor at the top of the stairs

Steps down after the corridor to reach the exit

We were extremely lucky to get to visit the top most scene of the ride.  To get here, we climbed up maintenance stairs that connect to that exit corridor two pictures back

The scene you are looking at right now will come immediately after the burning bridge.

Speaking of the burning bridge, here is the exit from the bridge.  Workers stated that this bridge will have the collapsing element that the original had 

This is the train tunnel which comes next after that scene above.

Right around the this corner is the train drop which we showed earlier from the ground

Where the person in white is, will be the exit for the ride

Thank you again to Silver Dollar City for allowing us to attend today's event.
We look forward to experiencing the new Fire in the Hole next season