August 20, 2012

Outlaw Run Announcement (SDC)

Lisa Rau welcomes everyone to the announcement ceremony.

Brad Thomas introduces the official video for the ride.

The video begins.

Introducing OUTLAW RUN.

Brad talks about the backstory of Outlaw Run.

Talking about the major details of the ride.

Yes, this wooden coaster will GO UPSIDE DOWN.

What could be behind this major tarp?

The ride design team gets together to talk some more about the ride.

There it is folks, the double barrel roll.  Now to place the final piece of the ride.

That's it!  The ride is complete.

Thanks to the park for inviting us out today.
You four guys have a great ride here.  Cannot wait to experience it.

August 12, 2012

KC Bahn Con III


Welcome to KC Bahn Con III at Schlitterbahn Kansas City, KS.

Morning ERT was on the Boogie Bahn.

Let's just say I need more practice.

Storm Blaster was our other ERT attraction.

It is still the only blaster slide at this park.

Soon the rest of the park opened and the GP was allowed in.

I really enjoy the different rivers that the park has created.

Here you can see three different rivers 

My favorite attraction is probably the Torrent River.

I could probably ride it all day.

The park also has two slide complexes.  This one features mat slides and a dark tube slide.

This is the other complex and it has 3 tube slides.

The park fed us a great lunch.

They also gave away some great swag.

Look what Derrijk got.

The park president addressed the crowd and talked about the future of the park.

Before we knew it the event was over.  What a great day.