December 20, 2003

An Old Time Christmas (SDC)

Welcome to An Old Time Christmas at Silver Dollar City.

The park always looks great this time of year.

First show of the day would be at the Opera House.

Dicken's Christmas Carol is an amazing show.

Let's head to our next show.

O' Little Town of Bethlehem is taking place in the Red Gold Heritage Hall.

This wonderful show takes place in the round.

I think it is neat that you are able to explore the sets before the show.

They have live sheep.

The main stage is in the middle of the building but they use the "buildings" around the outside as well.

Here is a better look at the manger in the middle of the building.

Time for the Gifts of Christmas Parade.

The Frisco Silver Dollar Sing-A-Long Train.

The kids have a show in the Boatworks Theatre - TINKER.

Jingle Bell Junction is set up in the Frisco Barn.

There are lots of neat Christmas decorations that are for sale here.

You can visit Santa in the Carousel Barn.

There's always a line for the Big Guy.


Let's take a look at the lights around the park.

We'll finish the night with the Special Effects Tree.  It dances to several Christmas songs.

That does it for 2003.  We will see you in 2004!

November 25, 2003

Orient Express Deconstruction (WOF)

Deconstruction continues on the Orient Express.  Really the only thing visible now is the top loop of the interlocking loops.

They are not being kind with the deconstruction, they're ripping it to pieces.

Such a sad site to see.