October 31, 2021

Catwoman Whip (SFSTL)

The Screamin' Eagle section of the park has become an active construction site.

As you can see, the entire area looks a lot different - and more open

Not only has Superman: Tower of Power been removed, all of the former gaming structures have been torn down as well

It is honestly crazy how different the area looks now

As mentioned before, Superman is no longer

You were not able to see the bottom of Screamin' Eagle from this angle before the demolition

The lowest covered section of queue for Screamin' Eagle has also been removed

Also no more gaming structures.

The building you see is a back of house maintenance building

It will be interesting to see how this area looks next season

Park Update (SFSTL)


So we are not sure what the hold up is here.  Very surprised that the Batmobile has not arrived yet to take its spot in the queue

The former Moon Cars station is no longer and is now a cement slab

There is a new pathway leading back to the catering area and the slab connects with the old pathway for the cars

Framing for a fence is going up around this area, which is rumored to be the home of a new permanent haunt for next year's Fright Fest

The fence stretches all the way down to the entrance for American Thunder

The Carousel has been completely stripped down other than the two chariots.  It is supposed to return next season some time.

Finally, Boomerang is being repainted.  It needed it

Fright Fest - Haunts (SFSTL)


It is time to get spooky at Fright Fest at Six Flags St. Louis

Oddball's Funhouse. This is the kind of clown that horror movies are made about.  It's a funhouse but the fun is all Oddball's as he lures you into this maze of horror

The Black Top Circus has returned

Come enjoy all of the twisted fun that only these sinister clowns can create

That is if you can survive

Spider Alley is home to mutant giant spiders that lie in wait for their prey... you

Gnawlin's Hollow is home to cannibals who are more than happy to make room for you on their dinner table.

Captain Pete's Pirate Adventure is where little scallywags can set off on an adventure to rescue Captain Pete.

Sycophants is home to a post-apocalyptic world where the rebels have taken over

Uncaged where abandoned hungry and wild zoo animals have adapted and evolved into creatures of survival.  They are now running wild and looking for their own captors to fill their cages... you

Zombieville was once a quiet little town

It is now overrun by quarantined zombie residents who are looking for a fresh brain to eat

Beware the Slaughter House where the tables have turned and the pigs are now in control

You are definitely not alone in these corn fields.  Beware the Creatures of the Corn

Excellent evening of scares on Halloween Night at Six Flags.

Fright Fest - Shows (SFSTL)


Live shows return to the Palace Theatre with the crowd favorite - Love at First Fright

This long running show has received an update with songs and definitely is sporting a talented cast for this season

The entire cast did a great job and it was nice to be back inside the Palace again

The Empire Theatre was host to magician, Johnny Magic and his show Reality?

Deadman's Party is back with some new dance numbers on the Palace Porch Stage

Will Rotten was back with his side show.  This time in a much longer show.  Yes he is nailing a nail into his nostrils

He also did his famous sword swallowing act

Freaks Unleashed is the official start to the chaos of the evening.

All of the Screamsters ride the train in and then once they arrive at the station...

they make their way into the crowd and begin to terrorize

Fright Fest (SFSTL)


Welcome to Fright Fest at Six Flags St. Louis

I like the fall look of the logo icon

The water in the main plaza fountain is blood red

Always love the flags above First Cone

A fun display on American Thunder's marquee

Pet Cemetary is set up near Shazaam

The Dead Heads performing near the Mine Train

Blood Bank Lounge

Tire Swing set up near the 50th Anniversary Store

Fairy Tales Trinket Trail

You walk along the path and collect free trinkets

Spiders have taken over the arbor tunnels

Rottingham and Bones Cemetary

It is even spooky during the day