June 24, 2021

World Update (WOF)


Time for a park update from Worlds of Fun.  In International Plaza, the stage for Grand Carnivale is being built

Prowler received a new wait time sign

It also received new graphics and doors in the queue

The big boxed tree plants are in Prowler Plaza this year

The poles on the African bridge have been redone

Mamba also received a wait time sign

Large potted plants have arrived at the shade structures on Forum Road

The dog show has returned at the stage near the depot

Timber Wolf also received a wait time sign

Snoopy appears in a short cavalcade parade 

The plants and trees are really looking nice in the Front Street Plaza

Subway has closed for good at Worlds of Fun.  A new ice cream shop will take its place

Prospector's Cantina received an all new porch this off season

Burro topiary near Prospector's

Bull topiary near Le Taxi Tour

Finally a fisherman topiary near Panda Express

Riptide Raceway - NOW OPEN (OOF)


Riptide Raceway is finally open at Oceans of Fun.  While the slide complex has been open for a few weeks now, we finally were able to get a reservation to the park to check it out.

The complex is located where the former Diamond Head slides were located

Four riders can experience the attraction at the same time racing down one of the four different slides.

We found that purple gives an almost "in the dark" ride whereas yellow gives a "lighted" ride.  Red and Orange are kind of in between with the amount of light let in.

While a fun ride, there's really not much "racing" to it except at the start and at the very end.  It would have been nice to have a section where you can see where you are versus everyone else before the final run out.  With that being said, it is a great addition to the park and a much needed people eater.

Oceans of Fun


We finally made it to Oceans of Fun this season

The park had a lot of things closed.  For example the bucket was not working at Paradise Falls

At Shark's Revenge, only ONE slide was open (the straight drop).  The other two (double down and Constrictor) never did open.  At Predator's Plunge only ONE slide was open and it only opened late afternoon

They made the deep end shallow at Surf City USA wavepool

So no tubes allowed and really pathetic waves

Hurricane Falls continues to demand the longest lines at the park

Since there are no tubes allowed at the wavepool, there is plenty at Caribbean Cooler

The new Riptide Raceway is a lot of fun and is a real people eater.

Typhoon is still a lot of fun, but we wonder how much longer it will be around

Aruba Tuba still confuses park guests.  No, you cannot use a double tube on both slides

Coconut Cove was surprisingly sparsely populated today.  Probably because of the crazy reservation program making it difficult to actually visit the park

Last ride of the day is Monsoon - which is now strictly an Oceans of Fun ride.  You cannot board the ride unless you have a reservation to OOF.  Rerides are near impossible since you have to go all the way back through the OOF entry and gift shop to return to the park.

Ocean Update (OOF)


Some major changes this year at the wave pool.  First off, the "deep end" is now only 6 feet deep.  Also, tubes are no longer allowed in the pool

You'll also notice that there is a fence completely around the wave pool.  There is now a dedicated entrance and exit that you must go through.  We're pretty sure that this is due to the accident back in 2019.

Chickie and Pete's is long gone and now Surfs Up BBQ is in its place.  It features a lot of the same menu items that you would find at the Cotton Blossom BBQ (minus the rotisserie chicken)

Finally at Coconut Cove, all but one slide complex has been removed.  Also there are fewer animals to climb on in the water.  Looking past the splash pad, you'll see that Buccaneer Bay (swan boats and canoes) no longer exists.

June 16, 2021

Disney's Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland



The final land of our tour of the Magic Kingdom is Fantasyland

Tangled Tower ... home to the best restrooms in the park

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a great ride

I wish the ride was longer ... and the line was shorter

No one serves like Gaston!

Little Mermaid time

I don't know how you can leave this ride in a bad mood

Ursula is a very impressive animatronic

Does anyone else sing-a-long during the entire ride?

Dumbo is always a must.  It is a classic

Barnstormer is just fun

It is a basic rollerskate coaster but we always have a good time riding it

Mad Tea Party ... or as we refer to it "Spinny, Go Pukey"

it's a small world after all....

The ride gets a lot of hate for the earworm song, but I find it very enjoyable

PhilharMagic is a hidden gem

It is a lot of fun.  It is indoors in the A/C and you get to sit down.

Peter Pan is a lot of fun.  But why is it so popular?

Winnie the Pooh time.

Fun ride

Hard to believe that our time at Walt Disney World is already over.  It was a great vacation