March 28, 2023

Park Update (SFSTL)


We are sad to report that Xcalibur has been removed from the park.
In addition to this ride, Dragon's Wing (SkyCoaster) and Bonsai Pipelines (drop slides) have also been removed this off season

March 27, 2023

Zambezi Zinger (WOF)

A recent aerial photo of the entire Zambezi Zinger construction site.
There appears to be a lot left to work on before this ride can open

March 26, 2023

Flying Viking & Draken Falls (Adventureland)


There has been lots of progress on the two new attractions

Here is one of the two drops on Draken Falls

Flying Viking has not been topped off yet

Here you can see how the two rides will interact

The run out after a drop on Draken Falls

Some of the cement trough appears to be about done for Drake Falls

Here is one of the lead cars for Flying Viking

Several of the boats for Draken Falls

March 23, 2023

Fire in the Hole (SDC)


Looks like they have added some more to the shade treatments over the queue area.  Also looks like the facade building next to the attraction entrance is getting ready to receive more detailing

The tarp covering is all rolled up today as they are really moving things in to the building.  
Also notice the new treatments they have added to the rest of the building in lieu of additional facades

These windows are the worst.  Impossible to see much of anything.  

Wait a minute - does that guy's shirt say "RMC" !!??!!

There's lots of work going on but these windows won't allow it to be photographed

Let's go to our other vantage spot in Pumpkin Plaza.
Here you can see the window treatments they have added

The door is open so we are in luck

This is much better - and I am so happy to be able to show you what is going on inside finally

So they have three levels up on the east side of the building and around the load/unload area

Here on level two you can see they also have track installed.

The framing you see in the background at the bottom is the unload area

Figured I might as well check out the lot and things have definitely changed out here.  Check out these weird supports

The pile of track and supports is a lot smaller than our last visit

The support structure piles are a lot smaller.  I would imagine more has to be on the way as they are not even halfway across the building with the installation

We will have to check back here again next time as it is safe to assume more supplies have to be on their way and they have to store them somewhere before installation

City Update (SDC)


Miscellaneous Park Update Time
The new Frontier Follies will debut on April 6

They are in the process of replacing the water tower at the Train Depot

Speaking of the Depot ... the train is still not ready for guests

PowderKeg is now operating with two trains

Wildfire and ThuNderaTion are still operating with one train though it appears that they are getting closer to having those second trains operational

So I guess I've missed this the last two visits, they now have Fanta Vanilla available at some locations in the park

Finally some strange survey markers are popping up near the Tastes of the City booth (across from Boatworks Theater)

Really not sure what they could be for and the location of this one is very strange

City Update - Lumbercamp (SDC)


Looks like it was HVAC day on the roof of the new Fried Flossie's

In the front one of the posts received this cool barrel treatment

The queue area is still a work in progress

The colors on this side of the building appear to be completed.
Not too sure about those yellow doors though, I'm sure they'll grow on us

Not sure what this area is going to be used for, but this guy was hard at work building the counter today

Here is the queue area and a better look at that barrel treatment

We expect that the other posts will also get that same treatment soon

More work on the electrical and HVAC

Here is the BOH components for the new food stand

So I guess we can now see how they are getting up on the roof

In case you were wondering, there's no movement on the Furniture Factory.  We think they'll finish the food stand and get the new express pathway to Wildfire / Plunge done and then construction wall off this area where the Furniture Factory will eventually go

Lots of activity over in the new dining pavilion - probably to keep things out of the rain

Looks like they are storing several parts and machinery here today

Looks like they are in the process of installing light fixtures in the seating area