February 20, 2012

Off Season Tour (Schlitterbahn)

We were lucky enough to be treated to an off season tour of the park today.

Work is progressing on the new section.  This is the aquaveyor to the top of King Kaw.

The view back down to the new beach from the top.

Here is the top of the aquaveyor and the new beach at the start of King Kaw.

There is also the option to take the stairs up instead of riding the aquaveyor.

This building will be utilized in the future, but not this season.

This where the new Mighty Mo river will begin and then there are a couple of tidal pools.

Water runoff from the Boogie Bahn will be utilized to power the Mighty Mo and will come out these two openings.

I really like how detailed the rockwork is for the Mighty Mo.

Some more rockwork for what will become a waterfall into the Mighty Mo.

Here you can see three of the pools that the King Kaw River will navigate before the long rapids section of the ride begins.

The King Kaw will be the longest tube river in a Schlitterbahn park once it opens.

Looking down from the new slide complex at where the rivers will all converge.

This is the new Boogie Bahn Complex.

This new attraction will create waves for riders to surf on.

Some detail shots of the attraction.

Here is where the water will come out to power the ride.

I'm sure this ride will be as popular to watch as it is to ride.

This is the new Kaw Beach area (at the top of the aquaveyor)

Speaking of the Aquaveyor - there it is.

These little pools are interesting.  There are a total of three towards the start of the King Kaw.

They have some breaker rocks in place on this pool which is the last of the three.

Some much needed shade is coming.

The picnic shelter near the exit to Storm Blaster is the storage area for the picnic tables during the winter off season months.

Here's a location shot so that you can see where I am currently standing.

The aquaveyor back up to the original section from the Kristal River.

Kristal River looking towards the new section.

This is where the Mighty Mo and King Kaw end and reconnect to the Kristal River.

You can see some of the new Cabanas that have sprung up this off season.

This is the Torrent River.

More of the Torrent River.

Up in the original slide tower complex now looking towards the newer section.

The middle of the park.

Here's the slide complex that I was just up on.

The adult pool.

There will be a fence across here this summer.

There are technically three rivers in this section.

Looking into Torrent Bay.

I want to thank Schlitterbahn and especially Jeff for showing me around the park today.