July 31, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

We have a new update from this past weekend from 808 Coaster Ridah.  Let's start with taking a look at the station, since that seems to be where the park is focusing most of their work right now.

Lots of changes to the bridge.  Poles for what I assume will be supports for a cover roof and fences have been installed.  Also if you look at the lowest level they've add stairs to the opening which I assum will be entrance to the indoor queue line.  

Looking up from under the bridge you can see just how beefy this structure is.

Here you can see where the new boardwalk attaches to the bridge.  I am guessing that there is additional lumber under the tarps.

Here is where that "fork in the path" is located that we pointed out last week.  It does appear that one direction will have steps and the other direction will be a ramp to fulfill ADA requirements.

Now I will admit that I am intrigued that the steps are going up instead of down considering where the grade of the park is located (at the bottom of the fence).  Also I should point out that the path is aimed right at Poke Salad Mary's - I'd say that's confirmation it is leaving.

From TNT's queue's you can see the current state of the footers around the station.

Honestly I don't see much difference other than some grading has been done.

I don't remember this staircase being here on our last update.

One last photo of the station area - I want to point out the progress that's been made on the building that is halfway down the hill.  Not sure what it is for yet, but we will know in 15 days.

As far as track goes, it doesn't look like much has happened over here.

Another look at the track.  There might be a few new supports but it's hard to tell.

Lots of footers over here.

It sure will be nice to get all of the answers on the 16th.

Thanks to 808 Coaster Ridah again for this update.

Fright Fest Prep (SFSTL)

Here we are the last day of July and the park has already started to fly Fright Fest flags.

It seems strange to me considering that the festival does not begin until the end of September.

So get used to seeing them folks, we have a whole 2 months before Fright Fest begins.

It's almost like how Walmart already has out Christmas decorations.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Black Out is coming back again this year.

Slaughter House is also coming back (not that that is a big surprise)

Night Terrors is also returning.

They were actually doing some work over here today on the maze.

We will back once the actual festival starts to do a report.

Highland Fling (SFSTL)

Highland Fling is down again at Six Flags St. Louis and if you believe the rumors it is down for the count and will be removed this off season.

It appears that this was a surprise for the park as they had not planned on removing it this off season.  The big question is what will they do with this new "hole" as the budget for next season is obviously going to the waterpark.

Typhoon Twister (HHSTL)

More conclusive proof that the body slides at Hurricane Harbor are on their way out.  They "temporarily closed" and have been for awhile now.

Just in case you missed the first sign, they have another one posted at the exit to the slides.

The blue slide has been "broken" most of the season and the other two have been "broken" as well at different times during this season.

There are a lot of utility paint marks in the area.

Here is where the test drilling took place.  There are additional utility paint marks in this area that run all the way to the slide tower and past it.

July 28, 2017

Typhoon Twister (HHSTL)

This drill was spotted near the Tornado slide at Hurricane Harbor St. Louis this week.  The location of this drill pretty much confirms the rumors that something is coming to the waterpark next season and that it will be replacing the body slides that are between Tornado and Wahoo Racers.

July 23, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Today's update is courtesy of Stephen Duvall.  We start up by TNT - notice how the bridge to the station has doubled in width in the section closest to the building.

They have started to install the walkway on the bridge.  You can see how it is wider near the station and then gets narrower as you head back to the park.

The boardwalk back to the park is actually elevated as well.

It looks like the pathway might fork which I find interesting.  I am guessing that the pathway that goes to our left will be a ramp for ADA access and then there will be steps connecting to the the spur closest to us in this photo.

We're now on the pathway down to Echo Hollow looking up at the station.

That is one beefy bridge.  Just look at how thick that truss is.

They have leveled off the foundation and connected it to the lowest level of the building.  Also, it appears that the siding on the northern side of the station is about finished.

Down in Echo Hollow you can see the track through the trees.

It doesn't appear like any more track has been installed since our last update but there are several new supports up around the site.

Last photo of this update is looking back at the station.  Thanks again to Stephen for this update.