October 22, 2005

Halloweekends (WOF)

Welcome to Halloweekends at Worlds of Fun.

I started off up in Camp Spooky to visit my first maze of the day.

This "scare-free" maze is called The Magical House on Boo Hill and it's a lot of fun.

Fast forward to the evening and it is time for the extreme haunts.  This is Camp Gonnagitcha.

This maze takes place completely outside.

Honestly, it is one of the scarier mazes at the park.

The fog is so thick it's hard to see anything in the maze.

Dominion of Doom is another outdoor maze, but it doesn't have as many scares because it feels so open.

Lore of the Vampire is still one of the best mazes here.

The original maze is still going.  Let's head into Freak Street.

They've really added a lot more decorations outside the maze this year.

I've heard rumor that this is the last year for this maze due to the new rollercoaster going in.

I love that they brought back the 3D again this year.  It really messes with your eyes.

This maze seems to be the most popular in the park.

Yes, that's a screamster hiding on the right.

Look at that line.

The final extreme haunt is the Fright Zone.

This is a scare zone that takes place in the Africa section.

Due to how tree lined the area is.  This is the perfect place for a haunt.

You can barely see in here at night with all of the fog and the blinding lights.

That does it for another year of Halloweekends.  This event just keeps getting better and better.