Thursday, June 01, 2023

Zambezi Zinger (WOF)


So let's get the disappointing part out of the way first, the ride is still not open.  With that being said, there's plenty to be excited about with this new ride.  For instance, check out how amazing this marquee looks.

The queue house is full of rich detailing

The fact that this is at Worlds of Fun and not say a Busch Gardens or even Animal Kingdom cannot not be stressed enough

This is the outdoor queue area.  Notice how there is already shade awnings and a good amount of trees already.  Not an open cement waste land of cattle gates

The train is actually there in the station.  I notice that the headlights are not currently installed on the zero car.

Thanks to the train being back in operation, we can get some amazing new shots of the ride

There's the train peeking out from the station

Here is the entrance area to the load station.  One side of the stairs is Fast Lane, the other is general stand by boarding

Here's the other side of the train tracks and the back half of the ride.  Can I just commend the park on theming the tunnel. They didn't have to do it, but the fact that they did means that they are finally understanding that doing the little things makes all of the difference

Air time hill after the tunnel

Even in person, it is still hard to believe how these curves hug the ground

Coming around the corner you can see the first portion of the ride

Here's where the ride jumps the train tracks

I honestly think that this is going to be the sleeper hit of 2023


50th Museum (WOF)


The 50th Anniversary Exhibition Museum has opened in the lobby of the Tivoli Music Hall

Name tags

Souvenirs and a coaster wheel

Show memorabilia

A tribute to the live entertainment at the park

Some original marionettes from a former park show

Former themed ambassador uniforms

Memories from guests and former ambassadors

Planning the park

Opening Day tribute

Tale of two Zingers

Construction and Ground Breaking

Official ground breaking

Park design

Different attractions both present and past

Designing the park maps

Past attractions tribute

Former nose art of a Timber Wolf train

Current marquee attractions

The crown jewel of the exhibit is the former lead car of the Orient Express

World Update (WOF)


Time to check in on the park for an update.
Lots of new 50th decorations are appearing

Really like the look of the medalions

A new directional post in Gateway Gardens

These adorn the light poles in the "6 tree plaza" of Gateway Gardens

They are still working on getting the main stage ready for the new show

Really like these banners

More decorations on the buildings in Gateway Gardens

New land specific trashcans are starting to appear around the park

50th decorations on the Grand Carrousel

Moving into Scandinavia

The restrooms received its signage finally

SeaDragon was having some issues today

The big change in Africa since our last visit is that they have stained the pavement to show the three distinct sections of Africa.

This first part is the Serengeti

Big Jack's received new signage

They upgraded the fencing on the train bridge

The attention to detail here is amazing.  The brown color represents that we are now in the Africa - Morocco section

Different trashcan design for this subsection

The plants around this faux fountain really help the look of the area

Another directional post near Boomerang (I think these are slowly being installed around the park)

The pavement changes once again when we enter the Africa - Egypt subsection

New palm trees have been planted

Sand Dune Diner received some more detailing

We found it interesting that Forum Road was open today to park guests

They added waves to the Flying Dutchman sign

EUROPA plant letters are back

Gold Rush Pizza received a sign, even though it is not even on park maps this year

Airbrush Artist received a sign

Shake Shop got a sign

Sweet Spot got a sign

Americana got a directional pole, but no specialized trashcans yet

Detonator got some new barrels

So did the nearby drink refill stand

Eli was operational today

She has festive bunting in her engine and carriages

She has a new water tower located at the station

and yes it is operational.  That has to be a lot more convenient 

More 50th decorations on the bridge near RipCord

SteelHawk is finally open for the season

Patriot's elevator received a new color scheme

Skyliner is finally back together.  It's still not open for the season though

It says ASIA this year instead of ORIENT