December 30, 2023

Fire in the Hole (SDC)


Last day of the season, great time to look in at the progress of the new Fire in the Hole

This new fa├žade looks amazing

Not sure about the "back of house" theming but it will work

The pumper carts are now on the track and testing

They will feature on board sound

Here is the first scene once you leave the station

I love how they have turned the support beams into "trees"

There is the fire we are headed to

Turn the corner and you come to the first buildings 

The saloon is back in the new version of Fire in the Hole

Here is the final drop and splash down

On top of the hill you can see the facades have started to go in.  You can also see the switch track that leads to the maintenance bay

The run back into the station.  Will we see the return of the "foot" - we sure hope so

Prairie Playland


Welcome to Prairie Playland at Traders Village in Grand Prairie, Texas (nextdoor to Arlington)

The reason for our visit is Prairie Screamer, a Miler built coaster

The first thing that stood out to me is just how tall Prairie Screamer is

This is not a mouse or a hurricane, it is definitely its own type of coaster

Lots of airtime moments and no they don't hurt

The ride is full of fun hills and dips

Prairie Screamer was definitely worth the drive over from Arlington

Other rides at the park include the Carousel

Pharaoh's Fury

Flea Fall drop tower


Village Vortex


Freddy's Fender Bender


Prairie Playland was fun stop before we headed home.
We really enjoyed the Prairie Screamer

December 28, 2023

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience


Welcome to the Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

This officially licensed Wizarding World event is located in the northern DFW metro area and is an amazing interactive outdoor walk through experience

Hagrid and Fang

Owl Post


Your first interaction is getting to bow to Buckbeak

Aragog comes out of his lair and speaks

One of Aragog's children

Harry conjures a patronus and scares of a dementor here

The forest is quite alive tonight

Dancing lighted mushrooms that change colors


We found the Weasley's flying car

Again the walk is just so fun


Grawp, Hagrid's little brother

You get to wizard duel here

Thestral drawn carriage

Cornish pixies

Pygmy Puffs

The Village, where you can purchase food and drinks

Of course it is Christmas time here

The event was a lot of fun, and of course you know we had to have a Butterbeer to top off our evening