November 26, 2016

Holiday in the Park (SFSTL)

Welcome to Six Flags St. Louis and Holiday in the Park

It is always neat when a park tries a new festival for the first time.

Let's start off with the live entertainment.
In the Empire Theatre, The Tinsletones are performing.

The Tinsletones is a singing trio.

Their show utilizes a lot of Christmas songs made popular by the Andrews Sisters.

I personally thought the show was very well done.

In the Palace Theatre is the Majesty of Christmas and yes it features live animals

The show is a retelling of the birth of Jesus and it even has a flying angel.

The show features numerous musical numbers performed by the cast.

The grand finale features one of the wisemen arriving on a live camel

Now let's take a look at the light displays around the park

Near the entrance to Boss (which is closed) is S'moresville

This very tall multi-colored tree is the focal point in this section

Cut Tree Trail is located around Xcalibur and Pademonium.

Candy Cane Forest is in Bugs Bunny National Park

They use some neat light projections on the walkways in this area

Near the Mine Train is "Big Green" the largest of the lighted trees in the park

The Backlot near Batman is Tinsel Town

The covered walkways near Thunder River is the Star of Wonder

Between the two covered walkways is this Nativity Scene

Santa's House (Meet & Greet) is taking place in the Saloon.

Winter Wonderland is in the courtyard between Mr. Freeze and Justice League.

This is near the entrance to American Thunder

At the main entrance is Christmas Courtyard

More of Christmas Courtyard

There is also a photo op with the characters in this area.

Celebration of Six Flags takes place in the middle of the park near the Palace Theatre

On the Palace steps is the Magic of Christmas Light Show

5 "trees" of lights dance to music

It is fun show that also incorporates the other lighted trees in the area.

Overall I am impressed with the park's first attempt at this festival

We will, of course, keep an eye on the event and see how it grows next season.

Until next season... Six Flags St. Louis

November 23, 2016

An Old Time Christmas (SDC)

Welcome to An Old Time Christmas at Silver Dollar City

First stop of the day would be the Opera House for Dicken's Christmas Carol

This longtime running show has become a "tradition" for the park.

The 60-minute musical has been consistently ranked as one of the best in the nation.

By far the best show in the park during Christmas.

Time to head to the Red Gold Heritage Hall for the other major production

The musical production of It's A Wonderful Life

This is another very well done production

The show features many catchy songs like "Always Look On the Bright Side of Life"

Another must see during Christmas

New this year at Boatworks is Tinker Junior's Toy Shop

In the Frisco Barn is Jingle Bell Junction

This large store features everything you need to decorate your house.

Back for it's 3rd season is Rudolph's Holly Jolly Parade

The snowman narrator from the TV special makes an appearance

The tin soldiers are next in the parade

Santa and Mrs. Claus in their magic sleigh

A naughty dog knocking over the tree.

A really neat ornament.

Rocking horse on the toy float

Train float

Christmas Goodies Kitchen float

The finale float for the parade.

Time to look at the lights - Fire in the Hole


Tom Sawyer's Landing

Carousel Barn area

Carousel Barn area

Heading down past Boatworks Theatre




Fireman's Landing

Fireman's Landing

Fireman's Landing

Back of Dockside Theatre

Frisco Barn

Frisco Barn

Christmas Store by Swinging Bridge

Brown's Candy

Hannah's Ice Cream Parlor / Hotel

Taffy Store

Wilderness Church

Another great day at SDC.  We'll cover the remaining shows in our next update