September 30, 2023

Pumpkins in the City (SDC)


The new portal for Pumpkins in the City begins at the "toll bridge"

Lots of glowing pumpkin style orbs hang from the sky

Moving on down past Echo Hollow you get into more decorations

The main icon returns this season and is standing in his spot near Red Gold

Most of the pumpkin displays can be found in the Grand Expo area

The larger displays are mainly in this area

Pumpkin Plaza is where the dance party and specialty food can be found

Foggy Hollow returns this season

It does provide some interesting visuals
Lucky in pumpkin form can be found on the Toy Store roof

Lots of bats on the Riverfront Playhouse

Even bigger ones on this side

The Smokehouse logo in pumpkin form on its roof

Campfire scene can be found near Outlaw Run

The Harvest Festival runs through the last weekend of October

Harvest Festival (SDC)


Welcome back to the 'City and to the Harvest Festival

The square is really decked out in our sorts of fall produce

There are pumpkins everywhere

There are also lots of crafters on park for the festival

Some really cute help working here

Love the demonstrations going on all over the park

Buck Taylor of Gunsmoke was on hand selling his famous watercolors

Lots of pumpkins to see up in the Wilson's Farm area

There are pumpkins literally everywhere

This is also where the giant pumpkins are located

Really enjoyed the names that were selected this year

One of our favorite parts of this festival is the Chuck Wagon

Our favorite dish they serve during the day is the apple cobbler

Take time to have a look at their set up.  It is really neat

The pumpkin cottage is back near Red Gold

This is also where you can find the pumpkin carver

The crafter pumpkins have been moved to near Boatworks Theatre this year

We enjoy the new location

Pumpkin Plaza has opened for the evening so that means it won't be long before it is time for Pumpkins in the City

City Update (SDC)


The Furniture Store is getting closer to being ready to open

Fried Fancies seems to be going over well with the public

New marquee arch for American Plunge and Wildfire

Finally, and the most exciting news, Engine 43 has returned from its lengthy rebuild