Friday, June 14, 2019

Phoenix (Adventureland)

Today's photo update is courtesy of Jeremy Bingaman.  They've made a lot of progress on the detailing of Phoenix since our last update

For instance, a new Oriental theme is emerging for the station.  Looks like they will even have a red "clay" shingle roof.  You can see that starting under the smaller roof structure.

Crew members are starting to paint the lower foundation areas of the buildings.

It appears they are getting ready to put in a perimeter fence here as the supports are now in place.

More work on the support poles for the new fence.

This control building for the ride still needs siding put on its walls.

The ride itself looks to be complete.

Testing is scheduled to start next week.

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Mystic River Falls (SDC)

Time for another update on Mystic River Falls.  We are going to start today with the pump house. That is the building there on the right with the 4 big round openings.

It is really hard to get a good idea of just how big these openings are from so far away.  Use the porta-john for a reference to get an idea of the scale.

From the backside you can see that the building just continues to grow.

Still back behind, but now on the other side, you can see on that wall that they have installed some major electric components.

Still looking at the same building.  You can get an idea of just how deep the building is using the orange loader as a way to measure scale.

Still looking at that same building, it appears that they are getting ready to build another wall as rebar is already in place.  It also looks like there is a new trough section and maybe concrete foundations for a conveyor lift.

Same general area that we've been looking at.  You can see the trough there in the middle and then that concrete foundation that might be for a conveyor lift on the right.

Moving on, we are now going to focus on this area near the Giant Barn Swing.  It is really a massive structure.  You'll notice how they keep carving into that hill that the Giant Barn Swing sits on.

Here's a different view of that carving of the hill below the Swing.  The pump house is the structure you see there on the right.

To get a better idea of how wide the structure is there by the Swing, here's a look across from where the Ribhouse will be located.

So back to the view from the Swing of that structure.  You'll notice something that might be a trough there on the lower right.  This could be where that elevator lift might hook up with the ride.

Moving on, there's some additional mysterious new cement structures in the construction lot.

For instance, these new cement walls have popped up in the middle of the entire area.

You can see they aren't far from the completed trough sections.

So it'll be interesting to see what these walls grow into over the next few weeks.

One last photo of that area.  You can see the foundation for Ribhouse has started to be laid there on the right.
Now let's move on to the completed trough section, which has seen some attention since our last update, in the way of landscaping and thematic elements.

A new section of sluice has appeared on the "island" in between the two completed sections of trough

It appears that it will connect soon to the sluice that just stopped at the new dining patio across from Crossroads Pizza.

Here you can get a better idea of what is going on with the sluices.

It is exciting to report that they are adding trees already to the "island" and that even more trees have been added to the banks near the restrooms and walkway to Wilson's Farm

Here's a new vantage point of the completed trough area and landscaping going in.  Honestly this makes us extremely happy to see new trees being planted in this area.

One last look at the sluices from outside the construction area.  It is great to see the tradition of water sluices in this area will continue with the new Riverfront.

Reuben's Swashbuckling Adventure (SDC)

New this year for the summer, performing in the Opera House, is the million dollar musical production, Reuben's Swashbuckling Adventure.

Music while you wait for the show includes numerous titles from Peter Crowley, including: "Where the Compass Goes Mad," "Battleship," "The Kingdom Above the Sky," and "Destination Tortuga," by Antti Martikainen.

The story starts off with Reuben reading the story of Treasure Island before falling asleep.

The actual musical starts off with a bang as we are definitely in a pirate story.  Captain Long John Silver makes a grand entrance swinging from a rope.

We are treated to "Sailing for Adventure" from Muppet Treasure Island as the crew dances about with the Captain and Reuben.

The opening number sets up what should be a very promising performance.  Full of high energy and great choreography.

Then it just kind of stops.  Reuben, puts his fists on his hips (he'll do this numerous times during the show) and says he is looking for his... destiny.  Say, what?  The pirates have the same reaction.

Now, you might have thought this whole show was about pirates, and if you went by all of the advertising and the fact that the ushers are all dressed as pirates, you would have good reason -- but no, the pirates theme is actually a very small portion of the show.

Now for some reason we are in a gypsy camp.  No real explanation why.  Did Reuben read a story about gypsies before starting Treasure Island?  Who knows.  We aren't told why we are here.

We meet a soothsayer... I mean, fortune teller and he looks familiar.

Then it is time for "Time to Start Living" from Pippin

For some reason everyone in the audience is expected to recognize the song.  They even bring out the words to help you sing along, but most people sat in confusion during my performance.

Next we move on to the woods where we meet Friar Tuck and some other clergymen.  No sign of Robin Hood during this portion.  You'll notice that Captain Long John Silver is accompanying Reuben on the entirety of this journey

The clergymen perform a R&B mix of "This Little Light of Mine" (we're still trying to locate where it originated from) and honestly this was probably the most divisive musical number of the show among those watching.

Next we meet Marlin (not Merlin - that's his brother) who sings a few lines from "Defying Gravity" from Wicked as he flies in and off the stage.

Finally Reuben wakes back up in his bed and his mother is there to discuss his dream

The show ends with "Bright Star" from the musical Bright Star.

All in all, the show is very entertaining, but I question the staying-power as I feel it will become dated very quickly.  The story-line is not exactly easy to follow.  Reuben is trying to find his destiny.  That's really all the info that you are provided.  There's no swashbuckling to speak of and the whole thing feels extremely rushed.  I imagine that they will make tweaks and revisions as the season progresses.  We look forward to seeing it again later this season to see what has changed and improved.

They have a photo op "Photo with a Pirate" at the exit.  Again, they're pushing the pirate theme without it really being a pirate show. Very confusing.