June 30, 2020

Dragon Slayer (Adventureland)

They have made some good progress on removing the footers from Dragon.  It looks like the site is about ready to start drilling footers for the new Dragon Slayer.

A storm rolled through the area and tore down the large banners that were hanging on the loops.  Really too bad as that was a fun visual

Mystic River Falls (SDC)

The themed topper for the elevator lift has been installed.

June 26, 2020

Dragon Slayer (Adventureland)

A photo from the S&S Factory in Utah shows that they are currently working on a train for the new Dragon Slayer.  These four sets of seats make up one train.  2 seat sets will face each other and be on either side of the track.

June 23, 2020

COVID-19 Update (SFSTL)


Your journey to the park begins in this tent where you will have your temperature taken.  The nice part about the Six Flags systems is that you do not have to stop walking

Certain attractions will not open this year due to an inability to safely social distance

That unfortunately includes Justice League

They had a lot of shops and smaller food stands closed

There are no Coke Freestyle machines in the park anymore.  Guests cannot pour their own drinks this season due to germs

There's plenty of cleaning going on at the park.

They do it after every cycle.

Park Update (SFSTL)

New security scanners have been installed for this season.  You no longer have to have your bag searched or even stop walking through these scanners

I really like the new entry plaza logo planter.

The new Guest Relations and Ticketing building

This might become ticketing in the future if we ever get back to normal

Look how much more open the entry plaza is now

The removal of the old ticket booths was the best decision they've made in a long time

New store in the front shops called Coaster Candy.  It replaces the toy store

Looking inside (to the right)


and to the left

The snack stand has received a makeover near the Log Flume

The restrooms next to JB's Smokehouse received a new facade

Mobile Ordering is now in effect at the open restaurants.  There are still some kinks but they'll get it worked out

Xcalibur is back.

Enjoy the massiveness that is Xcalibur

So this is basically our "New for 2020" ride since Catwoman has been delayed until 2021 

They were doing a lot of work at the Skycoaster Station

New fences heading out to the launching pad

Interesting that they are doing this upgrade

The stage near Batman is sporting the new park logo

Time to head out.  Check out the new look of this building at the front gate

Opening Day (SFSTL)

Welcome to a new season of thrills at Six Flags St. Louis

First ride of the day would be American Thunder and it is running great

Log Flume was open next door, but only one side like normal

Mr. Freeze was only running one side today and with the added cleaning and social distancing on the train, that made for a very long wait

Thunder River was open.  Maybe it will have better luck this season

Colossus towering over the park

I love the look of the arbor tunnels

The giant has awoken from his slumber.  Xcalibur is back!

So because of social distancing I had to ride by myself in a cart on Pandemonium.  Boy does that make your car spin like crazy

The Boss was running pretty decent today

I have quickly become a fan of this style of ride.

Screamin' Eagle will always be the king of the park

Superman was running three pods today

Look who is finally open for a change

Even Fireball was open

Minetrain had the worst ops of the day.  They were running one train and then they would clean and send it out empty after each guest cycle.  Thankfully I had something to drink while waiting

They even had this water ride open today


This ride actually had the best ops in the entire park.  Those trains were flying out of the station.

Joker Inc

Batman was only running one train, but the lines weren't too bad