March 21, 2008

Sea World San Antonio

Welcome to Sea World San Antonio.

I really like the entrance fountain

First ride of the day was ATLANTIS

It is a very unique Mack built water flume

Next we experienced the terror of the GREAT WHITE

Yep, another Batman clone.

Hard not to enjoy it though.

Time for the Morgan built airtime machine - STEEL EEL

This junior hypercoaster makes its passengers pop out of their seats a lot.

It is super fun.

The park also has a log flume.

There is also a junior roller coaster called Shamu Express

Speaking of Shamu, they have a great show featuring the killer whales.

There is also a ski stunt show

A hilarious sea lion comedy show

There is also a cirque inspired dophin show called Viva.

Had a great day at Sea World.  This is truly a great park to visit.

March 20, 2008

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Welcome to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Let's start off the day at Goliath

Sure, it's a Batman clone, but it is still a quality ride.

The park has a Boomerang.  It is called Boomerang: Coast to Coaster.

The park has a great mine train called Roadrunner Express.

The park has an extremely rough wooden coaster called Rattler.

It's only redeeming factor is that it interacts with the quarry walls.

Probably my favorite ride here is Superman: Krypton Coaster

This floorless coaster also interacts with the quarry walls.

It is a massive ride that stretches the length of the back of the park.

I liked the look of the park's wave carousel.

The park has a Vekoma Rollerskate coaster.

Some parts of the park are really pretty.

Bug's White Water Rapids is a really neat flume ride.

It has a few rollercoaster moments along the course.

The park has a LIM launched coaster called Poltergeist.

This three legged S&S tower ride is called SCREAM!

I have never understood how you can have a Boardwalk area without water.

This are is home to Tony Hawk's Big Spin.  Yeah, I don't get it either.

Well that's all for this time.  Hasta La Vista!

March 19, 2008

Six Flags over Texas

Welcome to Six Flags over Texas.

We started with TITAN

This is a very intense hypercoaster -- well once you get into the helix section

Who loves rough wooden coasters?

Sure wish the Texas Giant rode better.

La Vibora is a fun bobsled ride.  I wish the line wasn't always stupid long.

Runaway Mountain is an indoor coaster that features lots of drops and helices.

Shockwave was the first coaster in the world to feature back-to-back loops

MR. FREEZE is a blast.

It throws me off that it is a mirror image of the one in St. Louis

Next door is Batman the Ride.

It too is a mirror image from the St. Louis version.

This Six Flags still has a parachute tower

If you're not careful, you can totally miss the entrance to Judge Roy Scream.

Superman Tower of Power is a three tower space shot from S&S

Runaway Mine Train is a roller coaster classic.

Flashback is an extremely rough Boomerang rollercoaster.

Had a great time once again at Six Flags over Texas.