April 17, 2004

Spinning Dragons - OPEN (WOF)


Spinning Dragons is now open at Worlds of Fun!

They did a nice job on the marquee sign for the attraction.

I really like the logo.

Let's take a look at the details of the ride.

This is a great addition to the park - and it looks to be very popular.

April 10, 2004

World Fest (SDC)

Welcome to a new season of thrills at Silver Dollar City.

The park is celebrating World-Fest.

Country flags are all over the square.

Decorations on all of the buildings.

In the Opera House, Rhythm Dance Too is performing.

Pretty entertaining show.

Ecuador Manta performing at the bottom of Hill Street.

Austrian folk singer at the Gazebo Stage.

We had fun at the 'City today.

PowderKeg Construction (SDC)

Well folks, it looks like we have a new attraction coming where BuzzSaw Falls was located.

This will be a fun project to follow.

April 6, 2004

Spinning Dragons Construction (WOF)

Time to check in on the progress on Spinning Dragons at Worlds of Fun.

It sure has changed the look of the Orient section of the park.

They were working on wiring the ride today.

This is where the exit will be from the ride.

This was the former dive pool and dolphin pool at the Aquatic Arena.  It is now going to be a fountain.

This is where the queue area will be located.  I found it interesting that it looks like there is a path going up to the old Orient Express station.

This will be the entrance to the ride.

This is the view of the ride from the top of Skyliner.  You can see that the station still needs to be built.

This is where the exit will be located.

You can clearly see the fountain from up here.

They still need to construct the queue line down to the station.

The view of the ride from the Skyliner queue line.

The Spinning Dragon carts have arrived.

There appears to be 6.

It shouldn't be too long before they are on the track testing.