June 21, 2008

Adventure Bay Grand Opening (Adventureland)

It's Open!!!

Lots and lots of splashy fun!

This food stand wasn't quite ready to be open yet.

They were nice enough to say they were sorry though

June 20, 2008

Six Flags St. Louis

We started off the day with Mr. Freeze.

It's literally a blast.

 Tony Hawk's Big Spin was next

I decided that I hated myself and decided to ride the Boss next.

I decided to ride a MUCH BETTER wooden coaster and went to the Eagle next

Sure, why not ride Superman: Tower of Power.

River King Mine Train was next

I figured since I already had a headache, why not ride Ninja?

I saved the best for last.  BATMAN!!!

A decent day was had today at Six Flags.

Evel Knievel Grand Opening (SF)