February 21, 2023

Zambezi Zinger (WOF)

The tunnel is taking shape.


February 20, 2023

Flying Viking (Adventureland)



Flying Viking is going up quickly

February 19, 2023

Copperhead Mountain Coaster


We had a free weekend and needed to get out of the house, so we decided to head to Branson.  Well the only mountain coaster currently operating is Copperhead at Shepard's Adventure Park, so I guess that will have to do

This is still the newest of the three mountain coasters in the area

So the lift is actually at the end of the ride, but obviously I wasn't going to photograph during the "zoom zoom" portion of the ride

The "zoom zoom" portion features a lot of winding snake passes as you go down the hill

I seriously love how they aimed the lift hill directly at the observation tower

This helix is a lot of fun and causes extreme laterals

Almost to the top

While not my favorite mountain coaster in the area, it is still a very solid ride

Honestly it was nice to just get back outside and ride a coaster after a long winter

Pfizer in the Hole (SDC)


Since we last checked in December, there has been additional track and supports dropped off at the staging lot

The most notable additions are these hill pieces

Lots of new support pieces staged and ready to be taken over to the gravity building

Lots of curves

A better look at the hill pieces

There are lots of piles of support pieces this time

Looks like maintenance walk areas

It was interesting that these two pieces were up on the hill.  Not sure why, but they are much steeper that the other hill pieces in the lot

City Update - Parking (SDC)


There is a massive parking lot project going on at SDC right now

Basically anything that you thought you knew about parking at SDC can be thrown out the window.

This is the view from the lower lot that was right next to Indian Point Road.

It appears that a new bridge is being put in here

This is the view of the new bridge from Indian Point Road

The ridge is where the new entrance road will be located

This is the view from old Lot 5 (on the other side of Indian Point Road from the other lots)

So much land clearing

This is the view from the grass parking lot on the other side of Indian Point road from the main parking lots.  You can see that the old Stop 3 lot is completely gone as is the that weird smaller lot that was across the entrance path from Stop 3 lot

On top of the hill was where that smaller lot used to be

They also making the Stop 4 lot bigger.  This was the newest lot that was attached to the main lots.

We've heard that this project won't be completed until this summer, so it will be interesting to see where they will park everyone here in a couple of weeks when the park opens for the season on March 11th

City Update (SDC)


There have been some changes at the front gate.  The rock arch you used to pass under to get to the main gate (on the left of the icon logo) has been removed

This should really open up that area and allow for better guest flow.

City Update - Dorms (SDC)


Let's take a look at the progress being made on the new employee dorms.  It appears that they have the first level framed and we have stairs at either end 

I think this tower might be elevators

A closer look at the first level

Stairs and elevator shaft.  Hopefully they can get this project completed before summer when they'll need it to house the summer workers

February 14, 2023

Zambezi Zinger (WOF)


The tunnel has started to take shape

Supports for the lead to the spiral lift

The first turn after the the first drop