May 28, 2022

Catwoman Whip - NOW OPEN (SFSTL)



The All New Catwoman Whip is NOW OPEN at Six Flags St. Louis.
One thing we want to point out here is that there is a Single Riders lane

There she is in all her glory

Since this was Opening Day for the new attraction, Members will given ERT at the start of the day and were also given this cool logo pin

Like most of the new superhero themed attractions at Six Flags parks, there are displays with facts about the character in the queue line 

The Catwoman logo on the back building has glowing eyes

There are several cat statues around the area

The ride uses an interesting collapsing pyramid for load/unload.  The entire structure will become flat when the ride is in operation 

The seating areas feature 4 riders seated back-to-back for a total of 8 passengers per arm

The ride is a lot of fun and actually you get "two rides" -- after being loaded, the ride will cycle.  At the end of the cycle you will stop at the top while the other side is loaded.  After it is loaded, you will get another cycle in the opposite direction before being unloaded.

One thing to be aware of on the ride is that it does flip - almost every rotation

Some people will be thrilled by that fact, others will be scared to death

The ride cycle is decent and since you get "two" it feels like you are getting your money's worth for your wait in line .. and let's be honest, it is a long wait.

While I am not sure how Catwoman fits into the Chicago section of the park, it has really made this section of the park look better.

Opening Day (HHSTL)


Welcome to Opening Day at Hurricane Harbor St. Louis

Well... that doesn't look good.

Happy Shark says "WELCOME"

So they weren't exactly truthful on the amount of attractions that would be closed today.  Basically the entire north part of the park is closed.  Tube Slides, Big Kahuna, Lazy River

Even Wahoo Racers was closed.  So what WAS open?

Typhoon Twister

Tornado .. so both slides that you have to have a "party" to ride

Hurricane Bay ... Bonzai Pipeline was closed though (is it ever open?)

Adventure Cove (but not the Pirate Ship)

Thank goodness we had a live band though.
What a train wreck of an Opening Day for Hurricane Harbor

Adventure Cove - NOW OPEN (HHSTL)




Adventure Cove is finally open at Hurricane Harbor St. Louis

This new play fort takes the place of the former Hook's Lagoon which was retired 2 years ago.

The new fort appears to be a downgrade from the previous version

There is no longer a tipping bucket.  There is a silo thing that will blast water occasionally. 

There are still slides on the back - which are a holdover from Hook's Lagoon.
The kids seemed to enjoy the new addition though

Park Update (SFSTL)


So not much progress has been done to the new ramp system at Screamin' Eagle.  Perhaps now that Catwoman Whip is open they can get back to work on it

I think these are left overs from the Spring Blooms event but I thought they looked pretty neat in the arbor tunnels

I'm still not sure why they needed this large bowl planter near Shazam but there's flowers in it finally

All of the water rides are now open for the season
Tsunami Soaker

Log Flume

Thunder River

Mr. Freeze is open, but is currently only running one side

Xcalibur is open now.  I know some were scared it was going to be removed since it was closed earlier in the season

That's all for this update

May 25, 2022

Fire in the Hole (SDC)

Time to check in on the newest addition to Fireman's Landing.

It appears that they are preparing to put up the walls on the framing.  Also it looks like some of the 
"Pumpkins Wall" has been removed

It appears that this will be an access door area for maintenance

Still some framing work to be done on the ceiling 

Here you can see what is already done with the ceiling framing

The building is very noticeable from Fireman's Landing.  The shorter building with the completed roof will be the queue area (and possibly load/unload)

It will be interesting to see if this building gets a facade

Here is a better look at the queue area roof

Not sure what this red semi trailer is for, but it definitely gives you a sense of scale

There's that splash pool we've talked about in the past

Some work being done over here.  You can also see that the queue area is a higher elevation than the rest of the building

One last look at the queue roof area.
We'll be back mid-June for our next update