August 27, 2016

Southern Gospel Picnic (SDC)

Welcome back to Silver Dollar City and the Southern Gospel Picnic.

I really like the decorations for this year's event

The park has numerous musical acts during this festival and also features park favorites like the Sons of the Silver Dollar.

Different Gospel groups are also performing in all of the main theatres.

The park is also transitioning to its Fall Harvest festival.  Several crafters are already on hand selling and demonstrating their crafts.  This is really the time of the year when the park shines

City Changes (SDC)

The wall is still there.  I would imagine that it is probably permanent.

Another part of the Echo Hollow 2017 Upgrade is a new restroom facility

Located by the Funnel Cake snack bar, this facility will replace the current one and will debut for the 2017 season.  

The Runaway Mountain Coaster

Welcome to the Runaway Mountain Coaster

Missouri FINALLY has its first mountain coaster and
it is located just south of Branson's main drag

Here is the loading area for the Runaway

Sitting in the holding area waiting for the "all clear" 

Like most mountain coasters, we have quite the climb to the top

This makes mountain coaster #6 for me.

I'm sure as the seasons move on, the vegetation will grow back in

The one thing I noticed that was different with this installation...

Was that it was basically one constant lift hill - instead climbs and drops

First thing is first - going full tilt the entire way is amazing

You can really feel the lateral G-forces going through the first helix

I found the bunny hills in this section quite fun.
You actually get some airtime and pop up out of your seat

The next section just keeps getting faster and faster.
Novice riders will more than likely brake here.  DON'T DO IT

If you have full tilt the entire way so far - keep it up.
You get even more lateral G-forces here.  It's so awesome

After the second helix, you have a few more zig zags and then the brake run

This is a great layout and ride.   I haven't decided yet how it rates with the
others that I have ridden - but it is definitely in the top 3.

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

The park has added a fence across the newly constructed road.

You can see that the clearing has really grown.  Most of it will be for Project 2018, but the path leading straight to Echo Hollow is for Project 2017, which is all about upgrades to Echo Hollow.

Here you can see the clearing for Project 2018.  It is very visible from TNT.

You can actually see Indian Point Road's traffic from the back porch of the Culinary School now.  

Park Update (SDC)

Progress on the new signage at the corner of Indian Point Road and Highway 76 continues.  The new signs will have full color LED screens to advertise things for the park.

A new game has debuted in the Grand Expo.  You catch a fish and then weigh it on a scale to find out which of the prizes you win.  Pretty neat concept.

The refurbishment continues on the rides in Grand Expo.

All of the elephants have now been repainted and they look much better.

August 18, 2016

Worlds of Fun New for 2017

KANSAS CITY, MO. -- Worlds of Fun today announced it will be adding two new unique and thrilling rides in 2017, as well as a completely redesigned front gate to enhance the guest experience next season. This will include a new plaza area and new catering pavilions.

Falcon's Flight – A hair-raising thrill at nearly 100 feet above the ground. This ride spins and rises at the same time and holds more than 50 riders at a time.  The ride will be located in the Europa section of the park where Le Carrousel is currently located.

Mustang Runner – Three arms with seven gondolas per arm turn one way while the base of the ride spins the other direction. The ride will be located in the Western area of the Americana section of the park and will be located near Detonator where the former kiddie bumper cars were located.

"We couldn't be more pleased to add two new rides for guests to enjoy. These classic amusement park rides will add thrills unlike anything in the Midwest," said Worlds of Fun General Manager, Frank Wilburn.

But that's not all. Families will be able to ring in the holidays next season and enjoy what is sure to be a new family tradition. WinterFest is coming to Worlds of Fun, showcasing 16 favorite holiday characters, spectacular light displays, ice skating, and festive live entertainment. The park will be transformed into a winter wonderland for six weeks beginning November 24, 2017.

"While rides and water slides are the focus for the summer, we pride ourselves on creating memories for families. What better way to create more memories than during Winterfest by starting a new holiday family tradition in Kansas City," Wilburn added.

WinterFest is included with the purchase of a 2017 Gold Season Pass. Passes are on sale now and also include one visit to the park in 2016.