April 27, 2014

Kapau Plummet Construction (WW)

It appears that Kapau Plummet is now completely constructed and awaiting testing.

Fireman's Landing Construction (SDC)

So the Geyser Gulch sign has mysteriously disappeared.

A lot of gravel has appeared on the construction site.

April 25, 2014

Steel Hawk Construction (WOF)

They are still working on Steel Hawk. No awnings yet.

Working on landscaping here.

The new plaza around the ride has concrete benches.

They are working on wiring right now.

They were running wires to the top on the elevator.

The ride is getting closer to being ready to be open.

World Fest (SDC)

Welcome to World Fest at Silver Dollar City.  A salute to all nations, but mostly America... apparently.

Ok, they have more country flags on the square.

In the Red Gold Heritage Hall, BENISE the Spanish Guitar was performing.

I don't think I was the target audience for this show.

Some of the dance sequences were interesting, I guess.

He was just a little too ... "over the top" for our liking.

The puppet explorers were out in the Red Gold plaza area.

Tastes of the World Food Court is back in the Frisco Barn.

Ecuador Manta.

A folk music and dance troupe from the Ukraine.

Los Gauchos Hermanos is back at the Opera House.

These people really know how to entertain.

Seriously - this show was a lot of fun.

Island Fire is performing at the Riverfront Playhouse.

See.  Fire.

This is another fun show to watch.

This is definitely one of our favorite festivals at the 'City.

Verruckt Construction (Schlitterbahn)

Today is the official measurement party for Verruckt.

Today we will finally get to find out just how tall this slide is going to be.

The park GM and Governor of the the State of Kansas welcome the press to this historic event.

CEO of Schlitterbahn talking about how Verruckt even came to be.

The official from Guinness World Records addresses the crowd.

The tape measure drops showcasing how tall the slide is.

168'7" tall is the official height.

The presentation of the plaque stating that Verruckt is a world-record holder.

The park GM and company CEO thank everyone for attending.

The creative minds behind the slide pose for a photo in one of the ride's rafts.

Here is a better look at the plaque presented to the park for the ride.

The Schlitterbahn family takes a group photo.

Now let's take a closer look at this attraction.  We'll start off with the first drop and conveyor belt back up to the load platform.

Here is where the rafts will engage the lift and head up to the top.

This is definitely going to be a "huff-and-puff" staircase to the top.

Here you can see the conveyor belt has a long straight section before the climb.

Here is where the return river meets the start of the conveyor belt.

More of the that return river.

Here is that airtime hill.

Which then culminates in this run out area.

I'm not sure how the raft will stop so quickly but apparently they have faith that it will.

That's all from Schlitterbahn today.  I would imagine that testing will begin soon.