April 21, 2007

Wilson's Farm Opening (SDC)


Welcome to Opening Day of the new Owens Farm section.
Looks like we should go THIS WAY

Looks like we need to go THIS WAY now.

Hen House Scramble is the first attraction we come across.

Basically it is a water balloon launching station.

The balloon battle is themed to a family feud.

Obviously the Wilsons and Thomas families don't like each other.

Next door is Thomas Brothers Pig Pen Race.

This is the typical watergun race but features pigs instead of the usual horses.

New water cannon blasters have been installed for the Lost River.

Here you can see where the cannons are located on the river bank.

Here comes some unsuspecting guests.

A decorative fence separates the train track from the new pathway.

Getting closer to the farm.

A new food stand in the new area.

Farmyard Finds is a new souvenir stand for the area.

Get your Giant Barn Swing shirts here.

You have to love the theme of the area.

New ice cream stand

Not sure the point of this station.

Basically you pump water and float frog down the trough.

Who wouldn't want to practice milking a cow?

You pull the udder and water comes out,  Fun, right?

A well themed water fountain for the area.

The area also has a checker area.

It was pretty popular today.

The final ride (other than the marquee attraction) is High Low Silos

The High Low Silos are a couple of Hegee Towers.

Check out the other update for a closer look at the Giant Barn Swing.

Giant Barn Swing Opening (SDC)

The Giant Barn Swing is now officially open at SDC.

The ride features a huge red barn facade.

This weather vane is 6 feet tall.

Lots of detailing on the facade.

Let's take a look at the queue line area.

More of the queue area.

Looking up into the rafters of the queue line area.

Some of the signage in the queue line area.


It's time to board one of the two arms.

Everyone good?  Ok.  Let's do this.



One more blast into the air.

This is an awesome addition to the park.

Thanks for reading - now get to the park and check this ride out.

April 19, 2007

Giant Barn Swing Media Day (SDC)

Welcome to the Media Event for the Giant Barn Swing.

Lisa Rau welcomes the attendees to the event.

Genesis from Herschend Creative describes the process behind coming up with the theme.

Pointing out some of the more memorable parts of the new land.

Brad Thomas, Park General Manager, welcomes everyone and invites them to try out the new rides.

Next came lots of interviews.

Seriously, lots of interviews.

All right, we've waited long enough - let's go try out the ride.

This is a great new attraction.