December 29, 2021

Incredible Pizza Company - San Antonio


Welcome to Incredible Pizza Company - San Antonio

Like the name says, they have pizza.  But they also have...

The FAIRGROUNDS where they have a...



Lost in Space

Crazy-8 Spinning Visa Coaster

La Bamba

Bumper Cars

XD Theater

There is also a huge arcade that has a Big Top Prize Stand.
Lots of fun and a great way to spend a few hours in San Antonio

December 27, 2021

Sea World Christmas Celebration (Sea World San Antonio)



Let's take a look at the SeaWorld Christmas Celebration

Mariachi Divas were performing near the front of the park.  Extremely talented

There was a live choir singing hymns at the Nativity Scene

Some Christmas Monsters greeting guests

Bumbles and Yukon Cornelius greeting guests

Coca Cola Bears

Santa display near Great White rollercoaster

Poinsettia tree near Rio Loco

A very "Texas Christmas Tree"

They have some fun snowmen

Time to check out the park's lights

What a great festival.  Always a good time at Sea World San Antonio

Sesame Street Parade - Sea World San Antonio


It's time for the Sesame Street Christmas Parade

Elmo says it is time for a DANCE PARTY

The DANCE PARTY is a lot of fun and full of energy

My only complaint about the parade is that the characters disappear to off stage after the DANCE PARTY which really is unfair to those at the end of the parade route

See it would have been nice to have seen the Count but we didn't get to since he is near the end of the parade and his float stopped over by the stage

No idea who was on this float because again those characters were gone before this float got to us

The End