Thursday, March 25, 2021

Construction Update (Lost Island)


Today is the day that the top hat gets completed on the launch coaster

Here we go, the top hat is being put in place

There we have it, the top hat is now in place and secured

Elsewhere in the park, the inverted coaster is almost complete as well

Dragon Slayer (Adventureland)


Puff the Dragon has been moved to next to Dragon Slayer and will be now known as Dragon Nest starting this season

Dragon Slayer is now doing full test runs with one cart on the track

One thing that we are noticing is that the cart flips a lot on the very top level

There is not much flipping on the second level and the seats seem to just bob

There is a massive trim on this ravine turn that almost brings the train to a complete stop

The train does come to a complete stop on the final ravine turn before going into the station area

Monday, March 08, 2021

Construction Update (Lost Island)


Progress continues on the big rides at this all new park

The Vekoma inverted coaster is really starting to take shape

Once completed this will be the first inverted coaster in the state

I launch coaster is also making a lot of progress

This will be the first launched coaster in the state when completed

Dragon Slayer (Adventureland)


Today at Dragon Slayer, they are laying concrete for the queue area

Here you can see into the load/unload area of the ride

Working on the side closest to the Lake now

The building closest to us is the maintenance area

More of the load/unload area

A look at the finished area of concrete closest to Tornado

Sunday, March 07, 2021

Copperhead Run (Shepard's Adventure Park)


Shepard's Adventure Park in Branson is building a brand new mountain coaster.  This will be the station area for the ride

Track going in on an elevated section of the course

Here is one of the helices of the course.  The park says they are shooting for a early summer opening

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Stark Caverns


Welcome to Stark Caverns just south of Eldon, Missouri

Stark Caverns is literally a hole in the side of a hill

The Cave starts with a boardwalk above a large body of water

It is actually pretty impressive looking in person and really cools the temperature off

Giant flow stone

Moonshiners actually built this pool

They also built little dams along this river

This is actually petrified seaweed

Some of the rooms are really tall

Garden of Stalagmites

Frozen flowstone

The Grand Canyon