September 29, 2012

Harvest Festival (SDC)

Welcome to the National Harvest Festival at SDC.

The decorations start on the way to the Hospitality House this year.

The square looks great.

That's a big cornucopia.

This little guy was working hard today.

Lots of crafters on display.

This guy is really talented.

Even more crafters in Tom Sawyer's Landing.

A very neat stagecoach on display.

Best of Missouri Hands is located in the Frisco Barn.

Very talented artists.

Amazing work.

So much to see.

Giant Barn Dance in the Red Gold Heritage Hall.

Wild Horse training.

Chuck Wagon Cooking

Fancy Horse Training.

Wild West Stunt Show in Echo Hollow.

It's mostly pretty cheesy.

But it ends with a bang.

And a huge dance celebration.

Thanks for visiting with us.