July 19, 2013

Wildwater Adventures

Welcome to Wildwater Adventures - Michigan's Adventure's waterpark!

Funnel of Fear.

Snake Pit.

Commotion Ocean.

Beach Party is the park's large waterfortress.


Half-Pint Paradise.

Cyclone Zone.

Mine Shaft.

Tidal Wave.

Ridge Rider and Wild Slide.


Lazy River.

Michigan's Adventure

Welcome to Michigan's Adventure.

First ride of the day would be Mad Mouse.

This is a great mouse coaster.  I almost wish WOF would have gotten one like this.

Nice big gondola ferris wheel.

The Flying Trapeze. 

Trabant and Tilt-A-Whirl underneath the Log Flume.

The first woodie of the day would be Shivering Timbers.

It is quite the pile of lumber.

It rides like crap though.... oh look, a Scrambler.

It was a "one-and-done"... Shivering Timbers that is.

Well let's see how the Woverine Wildcat rides.

Well it's marginally better.

It might be due to the fact that you can sit on a "non-wheel" seat.

I might have actually ridden this one again if not for the horrible ride ops.

It does have a nice location though.

Sea Dragon is one the lake.

Dodgem Bumper Cars.

Lakeside Flyers are new this year.

Little Dipper is the kiddie coaster.

It's fun.

Corkscrew is the park's only sit down looping coaster.

You literally got up a lift, turn, drop, turn drop and then the corkscrews.

There isn't much to it.

What else is at this park, you ask?

Well this is the best woodie at the park.

Why yes, it is a kiddie wooden coaster.

Apparently this is the ONLY design option you have if you build a junior woodie.




Thunderhawk is the park's "newest" coaster.

It was originally at Geauga Lake.

They did a nice job with the colors and landscaping.

It rides like hell though.

Grand Rapids is the park's rapids ride.

It's a really great ride.

Yes you do get wet.

If you don't get wet on the Rapids, you can always try this ride.

Well I've had enough "fun" here.  Time to head out.