March 28, 2021

Park Update (SFSTL)


Time for another update from the "Gateway to Thrills"

The redbuds are really in bloom right now

They really compliment Batman nicely

Still doing social distancing on all of the coasters this week

They installed a new backdrop behind the Golden Bugs

They finally put out a sign to let people know what is going on with Superman Tower of Power.  Looks like the rumor was correct about Catwoman going here in 2022

The decorations in the exit area are now gone too at Superman.  This whole area is really a ghost town now with Screamin' Eagle being the only thing open

Mr. Freeze can now proudly announce that...

both sides of the station are open for the season

It might be awhile before the train is back open.  They are doing some major work on a bridge behind Thunder River

Speaking of Thunder River, they were filling it up with water today

That's all for this week

March 27, 2021

Dragon Slayer (Adventureland)


Concrete is going in for the queue area

March 25, 2021

Construction Update (Lost Island)


Today is the day that the top hat gets completed on the launch coaster

Here we go, the top hat is being put in place

There we have it, the top hat is now in place and secured

Elsewhere in the park, the inverted coaster is almost complete as well

Dragon Slayer (Adventureland)


Puff the Dragon has been moved to next to Dragon Slayer and will be now known as Dragon Nest starting this season

Dragon Slayer is now doing full test runs with one cart on the track

One thing that we are noticing is that the cart flips a lot on the very top level

There is not much flipping on the second level and the seats seem to just bob

There is a massive trim on this ravine turn that almost brings the train to a complete stop

The train does come to a complete stop on the final ravine turn before going into the station area

March 21, 2021

Opening Weekend (SFSTL)


Welcome to Six Flags St. Louis' 50th Anniversary Season

The park is currently celebrating Spring Breakaway

Special decorations and activities can be found during the festival

Giant Beach Pong is going on at the entrance to Hurricane Harbor

Special Spring flags are flying on the front shops

There's a Dance Party in the Palace Gardens area

They have a DJ set up on the Palace Front Porch Stage

There's a fun photo prop you can take photos with

Since this was the first day of the season we made our way around the park to check out the rides

American Thunder is running great. Still only loading every other row

Justice League is only loading one party per car, so the line moves slow

Mr. Freeze is only running one train and loading every other row.  Very long wait

Pademonium is loading one party per cart like normal

This is a great ride.  All seats being loaded

Screamin' Eagle is running great this year.  Every other row being used

Boomerang is loading every other row

All seats being used on SkyScreamer.  No forced doubling up

Fireball is loading one party per section.  You won't be facing strangers

Minetrain is loading every other row

Ninja is loading every other row

Batman is loading every other row

Everything is in bloom at Six Flags St. Louis right now and it is just beautiful.
Looking forward to a great season of thrills