September 24, 2016

Park Update (SDC)

Work continues on the new marquees at the intersection of 76 and Indian Point Road.  This is the sign on the West side of the intersection.  It has made a lot of progress since our last visit.

The sign on the East side of the intersection is now complete and has had its "log and axe" logo installed.  You'll notice that this is the newer "Disney-fied" version of the logo.

September 11, 2016

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Time for an update on the projects - the land clearing has grown

It will be nice when the trees lose their leaves.

There is now a straight shot to Echo Hollow

Inside the park, there are now construction fences under Thunderation

Park Update (SDC)

The new signs at the corner of Indian Point Road and 76 are progressing

The signs are definitely more fancy than the previous ones.  
The new LED screen is working now on the East sign

Pretty obvious that a flat "log and axe" logo will go above the screen.
The West sign has not progressed as much, but I imagine it will start
seeing more progress now that this sign is all but finished.

September 4, 2016

Six Flags St. Louis

Welcome to Six Flags St. Louis

After getting something to eat, I made my way to Justice League

I have to admit - I really like the new "single rider" lane

I headed to Mr. Freeze next - I sure wish they'd turn it back around

Here's some new "theming" on Thunder River
(read: a painted piece of plywood was cheaper than fixing the waterfall)

Pandemonium was very spinny today

I decided to give The Boss a try

If you can ever get on the thing (the pay-to-cuts were horrible on this ride)
it is giving semi-decent rides near the front of the train

This poor thing is screaming out "PLEASE SEND LOVE"
I'm not sure why the park is letting it rot

I had a great ride on Screamin' Eagle today.

Superman: Tower of Power is finally back open again

I do have to admit that Fireball DID open up the views in this section

I still feel that this is a carnival ride and not a park ride.

Still broke... No Big Loss

SkyScreamer feels short anymore.

Tidal Wave was throwing up some crazy waves today

Still one of my favorite mine trains out there - River King

They have a preview building for Holiday in the Park

Don't expect much though.  I hope this isn't indicative of the actual event

Tsunami Soaker actually had guests riding it today

Apparently, this is where the new Spinsanity will go next year

So I took the time and rode the New Revolution VR Coaster.
I thought the graphics looked cheap and the dispatches are horrible now.
Plus the fact that you are on Ninja.  So over all, not a fan.

So when we finally get our 4D Freefly Coaster - will this get a name change?

I still really enjoy this B&M inverted coaster

This was my first real introduction to B&M coasters

One last coaster before calling it a day - American Thunder

I guess I'll be back later this year to check out Holiday in the Park.
Until next time.

September 1, 2016

Spinsanity - New for 2017 (SFSTL)

EUREKA, MO. -- In 2017, Six Flags St. Louis will debut a brand new spinning ride. Spinsanity will be the first of its kind at the park, featuring a giant rotating disc that sways back and forth simultaneously. You'll board the giant round disc seated in outward-facing motorcycle-style seats so you can watch the world blur by. 

The disc will rotate counterclockwise at 14 revolutions per minute. While spinning, you'll also be tilting side-to-side along a five-story half-pipe track. With a unique design, The ride will deliver a dizzying rush and unpredictable twists every ride and will open Spring 2017.