March 26, 2004

Universal Studios Orlando

Welcome to Universal Studios Florida.

Did you know that this was the home to Nickelodeon Studios?

We got to fly with E.T.

This is the home to Animal Planet LIVE!

It is very entertaining.

Back to the Future is a fun ride.

The first real rollercoaster of the day would be Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster.

We don't care that it is a kiddie coaster - we still rode it.

It was fun.

This is Men In Black: Alien Attack.

This is a high themed shooter ride and it is awesome.

In here is Earthquake - Ride It Out!

I love the facade area.

Poor Jaws is going to get indigestion on this other tourist who just HAD to get in my photo.

The other rollercoaster in the park is the Revenge of the Mummy.  It is indoors, in the dark and features both forwards and backwards launches.

Twister: Ride It Out is a great attraction that actually creates a really tornado.

This is Terminator 2 3D.  It's Super.

Shrek 4D is a great movie based attraction.

There's some really nice cars there.

We had a great time at the Studios today.

March 25, 2004

Spinning Dragons Construction (WOF)

Welcome back to Worlds of Fun for a Spinning Dragons update.

We noticed that the old Orient Express photo booth is still standing.

The lift hill has progressed quite a bit since our last visit.

The first drop and final curve has been installed.

There are some crazy helices in this photo.

This is going to be a great addition to the park.

Islands of Adventure

Welcome to Islands of Adventure.

I really like the look of the Port of Entry.

Let's head right and go into Seuss Landing.

This is the Caro-Seuss-el.

Have no idea what the heck these creatures are, but it was a fun ride.

This section is very busy with things to look at everywhere.

Heading into the Lost Continent section.

This is Mythos and it is a restaurant.

This is Poseidon's Fury.

It is a sort of walk through show.

The main attraction in the section is Dueling Dragons.

The section also has another rollercoaster called Flying Unicorn.

The next section is Jurassic Park.

They even have the discovery center from the movie.

Look how cool this is.

There is also an exhibit where you can pet a triceratops.

See.  How cool is that?

The last section is themed to Marvel.  This the Fear Fall.

The last coaster in the park is the best - The Incredible Hulk.