September 29, 2018

Fright Fest Shows (SFSTL)


On the Palace Front Porch is Deadman's Party

A troupe has been taken over and transformed into marionettes of a rather demented nature.  These human puppets have no strings to hold them back.

At the Batman Stage, Will Rotten Presents Freakout Circus is performing.

The show features everything from sword swallowing to telepathy

You'll definitely leave the show with looks of disgust and puzzlement.

At the Axis Games Stage is Dead Beats

This unique group comes together to deliver some high energy drumming

Never mind their unorthodox instruments that they use in this show.

At the Empire Theatre is "REALITY?"

Illusionist Jonny Magic is back with all new feats of magic

Just be sure to pick your jaw up off the floor when you get done watching the show.

In the Palace Theatre is Love at First Fright
Will Jack and Katie escape the monsters again this year?

or will Witchie, Frankie, Wolfie, Riff, Vampira and the rest of the gang succeed in stealing a human brain?

This musical review is popular so make sure you get there early for a good seat.

It would be frightening if you didn't get a chance to see this show.

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Fright Fest Mazes (SFSTL)


Blackout is a completely in the dark maze.  If you are one of those that is scared of being disoriented in the dark, this maze is probably not for you. I honestly do not find it that scary, but many do.

Blind Fury is supposedly themed to be a toy factory where they turn humans into toys.  I have to admit that theme doesn't seem to be very consistent in the maze.  While one of the more enjoyable mazes, don't expect the things you find inside to make sense to the "theme"

It does have a nice ending with the flame thrower.

The Slaughter House is easily the most popular maze at Fright Fest.  This one actually sticks to the established theme pretty well.  Slaughter House is probably my favorite of the bunch.

Another maze that really doesn't have a cohesive theme is Night Terrors.  It seems like they tried their best to cover as many Halloween haunted house stereotypes as the could.

Probably the most cohesive themed maze is Camp Killamore.  While not overly scary, I do appreciate what they are trying to accomplish in this maze... and it has definitely improved over previous versions.

The park has several scarezones this year.  Gnawlin's Hollow is near Log Flume.

It is filled with VooDoo and Cannibals. 

Sycophants is in DC Plaza.  It seemed like they were trying to do a Mad Max theme

Near Colossus is Vengeful Trolls.

There are trolls in the lose in this small forested area

Macabre Mansion grounds in front of Miss Kitty's Saloon.

Sinister Clowns of the Black Top is near Xcalibur

This was probably the best of the scarezones.

The screamsters were actually trying in this scarezone.

They have a star tube you can walk through here.

Project Chromo is in the Boomerang Midway

I'm pretty sure it is themed to a toxic spill that created mutants.

There's way too much light in here for the screamsters to even try to scare guests.

The final scarezone is Zombieville which is near Spinsanity.
Some nice props here, but very few screamsters.

It has the potential to be a good scarezone though.

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Fright Fest Decor (SFSTL)


Welcome to Opening Weekend of Fright Fest 2018 at Six Flags St. Louis

Palace Gardens is once again home to an elaborate graveyard.

There are some very impressive set pieces in this area.

This year's version of the skeleton games features arm wrestling.

The classic tire swing returned again this year.

Some of the props in Gnawlin's Hollow

Spiders have taken over the American Thunder midway

They continue on past the Moon Cars

Which seem to have been hit pretty hard too. I really do like the photo prop.

The store front near the front of the park have all been decorated.

The windows had some elaborate animatronic props this year.

I like how they shine the Fright Fest logo onto the side of the Palace Theater.

Macabre Manor is set up inside Miss Kitty's Saloon.  This is a story time and treat station for the younger park guests.

It's always fun to see the old Scooby Doo ride props come out of storage.

Some tombstones near Miss Kitty's Saloon

It appears they are going to do the Coffin Challenge where the new Supergirl ride will be built.

They have set up a new bar called Blood Bank in the old Highland Fling queue building.

Seemed pretty popular tonight.

A strange voodoo skeleton near the carousel.

Several large blow up balloon props near Fowl Ball

Butcher's Block display near the Mine Train

UFO landing across from Mooseburger Lodge

Lots of areas around the park were really thick with fog.

The entry fountain with its blood red water.

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