March 6, 2020

Rivertown Smokehouse (SDC)

Silver Dollar City recently did a live video from their new Rivertown area and we are here with stills from the video to show you the improvements to the area.  Behind our host is the new Rivertown Smokehouse

Looking down the pathway of Rivertown.  The Dockside Theatre is directly behind the host.  The Smokehouse is on the left, across the street is the new Cinnamon Bread store and way down the road is the Playhouse Theatre

The main point of the video was to take a closer look at the Smokehouse.  This is the facade of the entrance to this new 4 million dollar restaurant

Time to go inside

Looking up in the main entry you see this unique light fixture

Time to meet the head chef.  He will take us through the details of the Smokehouse

The first thing you'll see is the SDC culinary team pulling pork, carving brisket and more.  Behind the head chef is the overflow serving line, which will be used during peak season

Those black boxes are the brand new smokers that the kitchen will use

There will be two serving sides. The one to the right will be the main side that is used

Here's where you will choose your main entree.  Brisket, Ribs, Half Rotisserie Chicken, Turkey, and more.

Here's where the side dishes will be located.

Some cool graphics on the wall near the cash registers

Here is the drink self-serve area

Time to check out the seating area, which happens to wrap around the new Mystic River Falls

It will be a lot of fun dining here watching the boats go by

Rivertown Smokehouse will be available on Opening Day.  
I know we can hardly wait to try it out

March 3, 2020

Mystic River Falls (SDC)

The new rafts for Mystic River Falls have started to arrive.

Take a look at the detailing on the outside of the rafts.  Very nice.

There are two openings for entering and exiting the raft.  In between the other two openings are netting to keep riders from going between these seats

The rafts will seat a total of 8 guests and will be situated in groups of two, more than likely sharing a restraint belt

Here you can see the two openings for entering and exiting that I mentioned earlier

It won't be long before we see testing start