July 18, 2011

Dutchman's Deck (MOA)

Welcome to the Flying Dutchman's Ghostly Gangplank

This is a new ropes course above Nickelodeon Universe

Climbing up to the first level

By the time you get to the top level, you are very close to the ceiling of the mall

It's fun and scary at the same time

The final obstacle is a gangplank high over the park below

It's fun and a great addition to the park

Nickelodeon Universe (MOA)

Welcome to Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America

How I wish I had an indoor park like this closer to home

Tak Attack

Orange Streak

Orange Streak

Brain Surge

Fairly Odd Coaster

Fairly Odd Coaster

Barkyardigan's Swing-Along

Log Flume




Crazy Cars

Rock Bottom Plunge

Rock Bottom Plunge

Circulo del Cielo

I had a great time

I really love this place

Timber Twister Alpine Coaster

Welcome to Spirit Mountain near Duluth, MN

This is the Timber Twister Alpine Coaster.

Let's tale it for a spin

Down the mountain we go!

The curves have very little banking

Your sled really gets to booking it in this corner

There are even a few air time bumps along the course

The entire course in the woods

There is this large helix about halfway down

Towards the end of the down course you get this warning

After a fast trip down, you get to enjoy a slow climb back up the hill

Some great views on the way back up

Finally at the very top you unload here.

Timber Twister is a great attraction located at this ski resort

Well worth the drive north from Mall of America

July 17, 2011

Como Town

Welcome to Como Town

The main reason I am here is the Screamin' Dragon

Yes it's a kiddie coaster, but it is still a rollercoaster.

And you know what?  It was fun.

Other rides and attractions at the park include Tornado

Drop Zone

Pedal Go Round

Como Town Swings


Frog Hopper

Fire Brigage

Splash Zone

Traffic Jam Bumper Cars

There are also a few kiddie circular rides.

Well I got my credit.  Time to head out