May 26, 2012

Hurricane Harbor St. Louis

Welcome to Hurricane Harbor St. Louis.

The new Bonzai Pipelines are a lot of fun.

Hook's Lagoon is always a big splash.

These are the 4 slides off the back of the waterfortress.

Wahoo Racers.  I always win.

The body slides.  The speed slide in the middle is crazy.


If you are the "lucky" one to go backwards into the funnel - hold on tight.

Castaway Creek

The tube slides are a lot of fun.

Big Kahuna - the family raft slide.

Hurricane Bay wavepool.

Until next time.

Bonzai Pipeline - NOW OPEN! (HHSTL)


Welcome to the Grand Opening of Bonzai Pipeline.

This new attraction is one that you need to "drop in" for.

The initial drop really feels like you are going straight down.

You literally cannot see anything until you are in the run out.  There's so much water.

It is quite the rush and a great addition to the park.