August 25, 2008

Riverview Park

Welcome to Riverview Park at Wisconsin Dells

They have a very large ferris wheel

Moby Dick

The Dark Side - a ride through Haunted House

Catch the Air

Go-Kart track

They also have an Orient Express coaster

Yes, this was the only reason we were here.  
They also had a Wacky Worm (you can see it in the background)

August 16, 2008

Coaster Mayhem III (WOF)


Welcome to Coaster Mayhem 2008 at Worlds of Fun

Morning ERT was on Spinning Dragons

You have to take advantage of short lines for this coaster

The other coaster on morning ERT was PATRIOT

Even the park's PR manager, Brandon Stanley got to enjoy PATRIOT

Next came lunch

At lunch there were numerous give-a-ways by the park

Following lunch, we were escorted to Tivoli Music Hall where we learned more about next year's big addition - PROWLER

After the presentation we were treated to a backstage tour

It was really cool to get up close to PATRIOT

You cannot get these shots inside the park

Next we went over to Timber Wolf

So much fun being this close to the coaster

Also on our tour was Wacky Worm

Again, you cannot get this view from in the park.

The last coaster on the tour was MAMBA

Look how close we are to MAMBA

One last photo before we have to get back in the actual park

We were treated to a ride on Wacky Worm next (more ERT)

The day ended with ERT on MAMBA.  Got to love night rides on the big snake

It was another great day at Worlds of Fun!