April 23, 2011

Park Update (WOF)

The new Festahaus catering pavilion

New signage for the catering pavilions

The new roof for the Grand Carousel

The setting of the carousel is amazing

I cannot wait for this project to be finished

The old Forum stage is coming down

This will look very different here soon

The green building on the left is the new Family Care Center

New fencing and gates have been added to Detonator

Bounce-A-Roos is being removed for good.

Planet Snoopy Construction (WOF)

Worlds of Fun

Welcome to another year of thrills at Worlds of Fun

This is Hilary's first ever visit to the park

The Grand Carrousel is not ready yet

Let's get Hil fully indoctrinated into WOF by riding Patriot first

She loved it

Next we rode Spinning Dragons

We had that thing really spinning the whole course

Derrijk and Hil wanted to ride TimberWolf

Honestly it's been worse.

Guess what's broke AGAIN!?!?

Derrijk decided that Hil needed to experience Cyclone Sam's

I'll just wait out here.  I don't do spinny rides that much anymore

I took them up into Planet Snoopy next.

Not much was open yet so we just played in the gift shop

We did Detonator next

Then Hil heard the train so we went there next

Make it a train day!

Boats Boats Boats

Since we were in the back part of the park we headed to MAMBA next

This is still probably my favorite coaster in the park.

The final coaster of the day was Prowler

This was a new coaster for both of them

They both had a great time.

Another great day at one of my favorite places