September 24, 2011

Halloween Haunt (WOF)

Welcome to HAUNT at Worlds of Fun

We're enjoying the VIP Party before Opening Night

Let's check out the daytime stuff first.  This is the Magical House on Boo Hill

It is a scare free maze for families

This is the crazy garden section of the maze

Time for the Awakening

There is the Overlord.  Haunt has started

Let's do this!

London Terror was first.  It was a fun maze with lots to look at

Asylum Island still gets my vote as the creepiest maze at the park

It is followed closely by CornStalkers.  I do not like the claustrophobic sections at all

BloodShed is just all right.  Not one of the better mazes

CarnEVIL is a scare zone near TimberWolf

Not much here to scare you though

Outlaw's Revenge is another scare zone near the depot

Lore of the Vampire is the oldest maze at the park

Club Blood is the new downstairs portion

Fright Zone in the Africa section

Doll Factory is hit and miss on the scares

I liked how spooky Boomerang looked in the fog

Finally we had Half Pint Brawlers

Yep.  It is Midget Wrestling

What an amazing evening.

September 3, 2011

Six Flags St. Louis

Welcome to Six Flags St. Louis

Hello Colossus

Time for Sky Screamer

You go high

See I told you

Superman Tower of Power

Coaster time - Screamin' Eagle is first

Time for Boss

Let's go get dizzy on Pandemonium

Spinny Spinny Spinny

Time to get Blasted

Such a fun coaster

American Thunder time

Might be the best wooden coaster in the park

Time for Ninja, because I obviously hate myself


Finish off with a little mine train

and we done...