February 27, 2018

Time Traveler (SDC)

Silver Dollar City released more details on the "controlled spin" of Time Traveler today.

The large metal disk by the guy's leg interacts with the magnet that is under his hand.

Here is a better look at the magnet box.  The red peg actually adjusts the distance the magnets are from the disk.  It sounds like a lot of testing and adjustments have been made to provide the best ride experience for park guests.

The park recently released that Time Traveler will soft open March 13th for media and "first riders" and will open to the public on March 14th.

City Changes (SDC)

The thrill of time travel is enough to make anyone work up an appetite. Lucky for us, the arrival of Time Traveler™ is also bringing with it a brand new restaurant to Valley Road. Say hello to Traveler’s StopFeaturing fried chicken sandwiches and artisan grilled cheese sandwiches, this new restaurant will keep time travelers, and onlookers alike, in bright spirits!

February 22, 2018

Bernie's Barnyard (Adventureland)

The park released the final version of the 2018 map today featuring the new Bernie's Barnyard area.
The new area is scheduled to be available opening day.

Fun Pix (WOF)

Worlds of Fun has added Fun Pix as a Season Pass upgrade for the 2018 season.  This new service allows you to digitally collect onride photos (and photos from roaming photographers) by scanning your pass if you have the upgrade.

Also new this year, if you have the Fun Pix upgrade to your pass, you can also utilize it at six other parks in the chain, including Cedar Point, Kings Island and Canada's Wonderland.

City Shuffle (SDC)

It's that time of the year when we get to learn where things have been moved and shuffled around Silver Dollar City for the upcoming season.

The new skillet restaurant on Valley Road will be called Buckshot Annie's Skillet Cookery.

Hatfield's Tater Patch is remaining.

In the shop that was formerly The Greatest Gift is now Casey's Dugout.  The former merchant version of Casey's Dugout, which was across from Christmas Hollow will be no longer.

Ring 'Em Up is moving from over by White River Mercantile to near Fireman's Landing.

Mortimer's Magic Box is moving into the shop that housed Dockside Letter Merchant, which is located directly across from Lucky's Toy Shop. 

Cowboy Jepp's will move from Valley Road to Midtown into the shop that housed the Christmas in Midtown merchandise during Christmas.  The shop is directly across the pathway from Carrie's Candles and Grandfather's Mansion.
We'll keep an eye on the maps and let you know if any additional changes happen for this upcoming season.

Eli Repaint (WOF)

Worlds of Fun's locomotive engine, Eli has received a new paint job this off season.  Looks great.

February 20, 2018

Time Traveler (SDC)

We are finally getting to see some of the details that have been added inside the queue building for Time Traveler.

This is part of the Charles Henry & Co. Clockmakers building, which is the theme for the Time Traveler building.

This looks important.

Here you can see that large gear wheel that we showed above.  It will be part of a larger display that will take up the middle area of the entire queue building.

Even more details to come soon. Stay tuned.

February 19, 2018

The Boss Reprofile (SFSTL)

The Boss received some major re-profiling this off season.  The double helix at the end of the ride has been replaced by a simple 180 degree turn.  The double up into the brake run is still present as can be seen on the left side of this photo.

February 17, 2018

Timber Wolf (WOF)

We stopped by the park today to check out the progress on Timber Wolf.

You can see the airtime hill here peeking through MAMBA which would be right before the new banked curve

I think it is safe to assume that they haven't gone vertical with the new curve as it would be visible in this shot on the left side of the photo.

So the new curve is coming soon - but not here yet.

Nordic Chaser Advertisement (WOF)

Worlds of Fun has updated the signage at the entrance to the parking lots stating that the park (and possibly Nordic Chaser too) will be opening in April.

Still Standing? (Schlitterbahn KC)

We decided to stop by Schlitterbahn Kansas City today to see if anything had changed since the unfortunate accident that happened almost 1.5 years ago.

We have to admit that we are very shocked to see that Verruckt is still standing with not a single hint that it is going anywhere any time soon.

Obviously the ride will never operate again, so it is puzzling why they haven't removed it yet and honestly whether or not this park will ever recover from such a black mark on its record.

February 16, 2018

America's Fun Park

Buchanan Materials has begun preparation of the lot for Branson's newest amusement park.

Located at 1157 W. Hwy 76, this new park will be in a prime location in the Entertainment District.

This site was formerly occupied by the Branson Heights strip mall which was severely damaged by the tornado that came through town a few years ago.

February 15, 2018

Nordic Chaser Construction (WOF)

More details are finally emerging about Worlds of Fun's new Nordic Chaser ride.  First off, we can pretty confirm that the ride will be a Mack Seastorm ride that is currently being refurbished by MOST Amusement Rides.

The ride will be like brand new when it debuts at the park this Spring.  Here you can see the boats for the ride in their primer paint getting ready to have the finished layers and details applied.