June 23, 2022

Oceans of Fun 40th


Welcome to the 40th Anniversary of Oceans of Fun

Welcome to the Beach Bash (and who doesn't love that old logo - which is much better in our opinion than the one they are using now)

The oversized chair photo op in the park also has the anniversary logo

All three slides of Shark's Revenge were open today (Constrictor too!)

All three slides of Predator's Plunge were open today

Paradise Falls

Hurricane Falls had some major down time today, but did eventually open

This is the dedicated entrance for Caribbean Cruiser now.

While I hated that Diamond Head had to leave, this is a much better use of this land.  I don't feel like I'm going to fly out of the slides and die

I love Typhoon, but I hate that you have to walk a mile to get to the top of the slide

Aruba Tuba

Coconut Cove.

Oceans Update (OOF)


A few updates from Oceans of Fun. First off, there is now a dedicated entrance for Caribbean Cooler and that is on the Island.  This bridge you see here is only for the exit from Hurricane Falls.

There are now two snack stands where the food truck has been in the past

Surf's Up BBQ has now become Surf's Up Pavilion and offers three different places to get food (they all serve something different too besides BBQ).  They have moved the registers and the drinks area is now to the right of this photo

Entertainment Update (WOF)


Live entertainment is finally back inside the Moulin Rouge

They have wall art dedicated to former shows that have played here

Nice touch of nostalgia

The current show is called Back to Broadway

It features a wide selection of songs from hit Broadway shows

It is a high energy show and a lot of fun

In Peanuts Showcase, Space Beagle is playing.
I'm sure it is popular with the younger kids, but it was difficult for our party to sit through

World Update (WOF)


We'll start this update by looking at all of the new paint in International Gateway and Scandinavia.  First up is Plaza Gifts

Viking Voyager is sporting a new color scheme

The loading area with the new colors

Here is the entrance with the new colors AND the new logo

Here are the new colors on Viking Voyager as seen from the train

New colors for the Candy Store

Storage shed near the Candy Store with new colors

New colors on what used to be a refill station near Viking Voyager

Next let's check in on the progress of Gateway Pizza

This is what it will look like when it finally opens

Oh look a dump truck over the fence

Look.  A whole lot of nothing

When it opens, it will have outdoor seating that will have a view of Viking Voyager's final drop

No idea how much longer before it opens, but we are almost halfway through the season already

We are also still waiting on the Ice Cream shop in Front Street Shops to open

The train is back open and you enter through the doorway in the middle now to get into the station

Eli is without her cowcatcher right now which is an odd sight

Some landscaping in Europa

Flower topiary

Ferdinand in front of Le Taxi Tour

The lanterns are back in the Orient

The Petting Farm has returned

That's all for this update