October 27, 2023

HAUNT - Attractions (WOF)


Welcome to our Halloween Haunt coverage of the Haunted Attractions

This year's Zombie High had a lot of talented screamsters.  Several good jump scares 

Pumpkin Eater is back in its old location and it so much better this year.

They added a lot of detailed sets even before you get to the actual maze

The maze itself was awesome.  Lots of jump scares.  It was our surprise of the evening

Didn't feel up to its normal standard. Very few jump scares.  Didn't seem to be very many actors in the maze this year and the conga line through the maze didn't help

The BEST maze of the evening.  SO MANY jump scares. It was so good we went through twice and it was even better the second time

This maze is still one of my favorites just for the visuals.  Had some really good jump scares.  The party in front of me was hilarious, they were so scared

I usually "rip" on this maze but it was actually pretty good this year.  They were actually doing jump scares this season and not just relying on being creepy

The biggest disappointment of the night.  I'm ready for them to retire this one.

Some very talented screamsters in here.  I wasn't their target audience but they sure were scaring the teenage girls tonight

I am not sure the point of this area.  The characters just sit or lounge on the elevated tea party

Nothing creepy.  Nothing scary.  Just there

HAUNT - Entertainment (WOF)



The monsters have started to appear in the Gateway Plaza

That can only mean one thing...

It is time for the Overlord to awake

All of the screamsters are now swarming the Plaza

Representatives from each haunted attraction are introduced one-by-one by the Overlord

The Overlord is like ... but wait there's more!

The Wicked Witch of the West

and the Wicked Witch of the East arrive to provide even more fear!

In the Moulin Rouge Theatre - Haunted Homecoming is back for another season

This might be the best version of the show so far

Very talented cast of singers

Great song and wardrobe choices

There's no secret on why they are playing to capacity crowds each show

Then on the other end of the spectrum is Last Laff

I'm not sure what the point of this show was, but it was not good.  Definitely would recommend a full retooling of the show or even doing away with completely next season

Conjure the Night featuring the Wicked Witches was the main stage show in Gateway Gardens

Basically think of it as the Haunt version of what was here this summer

Didn't think the singers were as good as this summer but the dancers were really good



Welcome back to Worlds of Fun and to Halloween HAUNT

The park really shines during HAUNT and this year was no different

One BIG change this year is that HAUNT is a separate ticketed event.  The park now closes at 5pm and reopens at 6pm for HAUNT (on the weekends).  It is only open for HAUNT on Thursdays and Fridays

I have noticed that they seem to be dropping the "Halloween" part of the festival's name and just going to HAUNT (which is what we call it anyway)

In this particular update, we are going to focus on the d├ęcor of the park.  The other two updates will focus on the haunted attractions and entertainment

The logo made out of pumpkins and other fall gourds was amazing

New angry tree near Bamboozler

Some large pumpkins near Cotton Blossom

The black cat band has returned and is now on top of the Emporium

The Clown School bus has been repurposed for Zombie High.  What a great idea

There's a new light and sound show on the Africa Bridge

Really liked how the Overlord and his minions were roaming the park this year

The old Asylum Island ambulance was parked near the DINER

First - Autobahn finally received its sign.  Hooray.  Second - these decorations are really cool

The legs of the Wicked Witch are back.  They also did themed Wizard of Oz character skeletons again this year, I just didn't get a photo

Some more new decorations near Gold Rush Pizza

Still one of my favorite locations in the park

Night Rides on Zambezi Zinger?  YES PLEASE.