June 30, 2018

Bernie's Barnyard (Adventureland)

Johnathan Collins is back with another photo update on the new Bernie's Barnyard.  From above, you can tell where the soft landscape will end around the new playground.  Also you can see where the queue for Shakin' Bacon will go eventually.

A lot of progress has been completed on Junior Jockeys.

I am thrilled that the layout will be more complex than what was drawn on the park map for this season.  Looks like the "jockeys" will get a nice long ride.

The horses can be seen from Tornado.

Taken from Tornado, here you can get a better idea of where the new section is actually located if you have not been to the park this season.

Hopefully we will have an opening date soon, but it looks like there is still plenty of work to be done on the new section.

June 26, 2018

Bernie's Barnyard (Adventureland)

Photos from today's update are courtesy of Johnathan Collins.  It looks like they are still working on assembling the play structure.

They've added some musical instrument stations, which I assume will be popular with the kids.

Bernie and the top of a silo are still sitting in the employee parking lot.

Shakin' Bacon is still waiting for it's operator stand and queue area.

The logo for the ride is really cute.

The big news for today is that they are in the process of installing the track for Junior Jockeys

The poor guys are having to navigate this large mud puddle to do so.

Here is the area where the ride will go.  As you can see, it's a muddy mess.

You can see the footers that will support the track pieces.  A forklift appears to be bringing in the next piece to be placed.

June 23, 2018

Bernie's Barnyard (Adventureland)

Today's photo update is courtesy of Johnathan Collins.  Work continues on the new Bernie's Barnyard addition.  Here you can see that they are still working on the playground which is a large portion of this addition.

Here you can see the playground from ground level.  It is a pretty big structure.  Shakin' Bacon can be seen in the background.

Speaking of Shakin' Bacon, it has received its ride marquee.

June 20, 2018

Engine 504 (SDC)

Please help welcome the newest member of the Frisco Silver Dollar Line - Engine 504

This is a 1941 Kolben-Danek 0-4-0 locomotive that, before coming to Branson, operated in Minnesota on what was called the Northfield & Cannon Valley Railroad.

It has been a few years in the making, but the engine was rebuilt to working order with a new boiler, new cab, new boiler tube pilot, a Nathan 6 Chime and it was converted from burning wood to burning oil, along with a new Frisco passenger paint scheme.

She recently returned to service for the first time since 2007.  She is the first new locomotive to run on the rails at Silver Dollar City since the 1960's and the second to ever with a tender.

The Frisco Silver Dollar Line is proud to present their new girl, Engine 504.

Make sure you take the time to go for a ride behind this beautiful new addition to the park.

Midtown Project (SDC)

The progress continues on the Midtown Project.  The building closest to Grandfather's Mansion received a coat of green paint with white accents since our visit last week.

You can also see that the area has really been cleaned up.  Also check out that new planter around the trees there in front of the building.

The clean up makes me think that this area could be opened back up to the public in the next few weeks.

The other part of the building has not been painted yet as it appears that they are still placing wooden paneling on the facade.

Here's a better look at the entrance to the other part of the building.

While I will miss the original Big Jacks building, I do have to admit that the replacement is looking nice and should blend in with the rest of the area quite well.

Star-Spangled Summer (SDC)

Welcome back to Silver Dollar City

The summer heat and humidity are in full force, which means it is time for Star-Spangled Summer at Silver Dollar City.

The square has numerous activity stations including this Ring Toss.

Some family games over by Reunion Hall.

There are even more tents and activities over by the Taffy Shop.

The decorations look really nice this year.

Very festive colors can be found all over the square.

Banners can be found elsewhere around the park as well, including near the new Food Court by Time Traveler.

Creation Station has been set up in the Frisco Barn

Creation Station appears to be a glorified toy store set up for the festival.

There are literally hundreds of different things you can purchase.

Need a hat?  They have plenty to choose from.

This variation on Lego bricks was interesting.

The SDC logo made from the bricks was pretty neat.

At the Gazebo Stage, The Dalton Gang is performing during the festival.  They are a group of young musicians (probably teens to early twenties) that perform Bluegrass music.

In the Red Gold Heritage Hall, The Perondi's Stunt Dog Experience is back.

It is basically the same show as last year, but in a different venue.

The younger kids seemed to really enjoy the show.

In the Riverfront Playhouse, the world-famous A Capella group Rockapella is performing.

You probably best know them as the ones that sings the Folgers Coffee jingle.  The show was all right, but you could tell that the audience was having a hard time connecting to them.

In Boatworks, the Championship Cloggers from Atlanta, GA are back.

This is a very entertaining and energetic bunch of kids.

They demonstrate lots of different types of dances.

Star-Spangled Summer runs daily through July 22nd.