December 4, 2010

Coaster Christmas VII (SDC)


Welcome to ACE's Coaster Christmas VII at Silver Dollar City

The park is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year

ERT started on ThuNderaTion

This was due to the low temperatures this morning

Next we headed to Fire in the Hole.

Finally it warmed up enough for PowderKeg to run

I think we need to take another lap or two on PowderKeg

Next we were escorted to the Opera House

Dickens was amazing as normal

The show was really tight this year.

Next it was time for lunch and presentations.  
Nick from WOF talked about the new Planet Snoopy additions

Brad from SDC went over the new additions for next year

We got some really neat stuff from the park

Chris from Schlitterbahn talked about all the cool things at his park

He gave us some neat things as well

Finally Six Flags talked about their new SkyScreamer

It was another amazing day at Silver Dollar City

Coaster Christmas is always one of my favorite events of the year

November 20, 2010

Smoky Mountain Coaster Con (Dollywood)

Welcome to ACE's Smoky Mountain Coaster Con at Dollywood

This is the 25th Anniversary of Dollywood

It's so neat to be here at Christmas time

We're headed to our first destination of the day

We had early morning ERT on Blazing Fury

We were all given these cool lunch boxes with our breakfast in them

We then took a group photo.  Yep, there were a lot in attendance today

I decided to explore Adventure Mountain ropes course next

I had a little bit of time before our tour so I rode Tornado a couple of times

It is really a lot of fun

Next it was time for our construction tour of Barnstormer

This will be a new themed area replacing Dreamland Forest

This will be another S&S swing ride much like the Giant Barn Swing

They had the project's manager on site to answer questions

This will be a nice addition to the park

I guess I'll need to make a return trip to check this out

Time to take a joy ride in my Barbie pink Chevy

Time to ride a world class wooden coaster - THUNDERHEAD

Time to run all over the mountainside

You basically hold on for dear life once you crest the lift hill

The newest star attraction of the park is the Mystery Mine

I love the train here.

They have some very nice decorations at the park

This is on the park's lake

This tree is where the park's fountain usually is located

Wilderness Church

Showstreet looks amazing at night

Heading into Craftsman Valley

I had a great time today at Dollywood - it's beautiful here during Christmas