January 31, 2017

Park Changes (WOF)

We finally were provided with some close up shots of the progress at the front gate thanks to a SnapChat video posted today by the park.  These are some screen captures from the video.

Here you can see the ticketing building.  It is obvious that the metal supports will be for the awning that covers the ticketing windows.  There also looks to be a back office that will be accessed off the main room of this building.

Here's a better look at the awning supports.  There's a good amount of space between it and the actual building.

This is the new Guest Relations building.  It has not revealed what the white building will be, but we are guessing that this will be the Stroller, Wheelchairs and ECV rental building.

Finally panning around you can see that the foundations are starting to form for the actual front gate structure.  The gravel pile there in the middle might be where the icon balloon will go.

January 30, 2017

Mustang Runner Construction (WOF)

Over in Americana, near Detonator, the footer for Mustang Runner is about complete as well.

With the old Krazy Kars building gone, the area has really been opened up.

The clearing has also taken out the game that was right across from Detonator.

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Thanks to sanddunerider, we have some new construction photos to share.

The biggest change is the progress that has been made on this building.

This building will be multi-layered.  One level will be the maintenance and train storage.  The top level will be the load station.

The coaster will have it's final brake run on the left and the start of the ride will be on the right.

The rumored launch section will be in this area.  You can see footers being built for this section.

Here is a close up of those new footers being constructed.

So again, this side of the building with the brake run and transfer track.

If you look closely, you'll notice that there are footers inside of the TNT layout.

Footers are pretty close to the highway.  These are just over the hill.

More footers in the same region.  This will be one of many curves on this ride.

You'll notice that there are some beefy footers there in the middle of this valley.

Here's a better look at those beefy footers.  If you believe the rumors, that's probably going to be where at least one of the loops will be located.

Wouldn't it be cool if they built interlocking loops?  One can dream, right?

Someone was asking how close the coaster would get to Echo Hollow.  These footers should give you an idea.

There are a lot of footers over in the TNT layout.

One thing is for sure, this sure has changed the look of this side of the park.

Thanks again to sanddunerider for sharing these photos with us.

Falcon's Flight Construction (WOF)

Thanks to a couple of videos on SnapChat, we have some progress photos on the two new rides for 2017 at Worlds of Fun.  You'll have to forgive the low quality, but they're better than nothing.

Here you can see that the foundation for Falcon's Flight is almost complete in Europa.  Next they will build up the cement slab that will allow guests to load the gondolas.

January 28, 2017

Park Changes (WOF)

Here's a different angle of the Grand (Catering) Pavilion.  It is really going up quickly.

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Carr Excavating has released a new set of photos of the onsite construction.   This work is near the tunnel exit of ThuNderaTion.  They have moved from the base of the footers to the placement of the pylons on top of it.  It's amazing how close this is to TNT's track.

Here is another footer being dug out.  This one is closer to the end of the "swoop" of TNT after the tunnel.  Again, this footer will be very closer to TNT.

Park Changes (WOF)

We got a better look at the new plaza today.  The far structure is the ticketing area.  The structure on the right is the Guest Relations building.  The main gate will be beyond that building.

January 27, 2017

Park Changes (WOF)

Before and After - this is the Catering Pavilions

Mustang Runner Contruction (WOF)

A little before and after - this is the site for Mustang Runner

January 26, 2017

Park Changes (WOF)

It's time to take a look at the progress on the new front gate area.

Some new buildings are going up.

The mostly wooden frame building will be the Guest Relations.

Panning left you can see more work happening.

It is so awesome to think we are finally getting a new gate area.