January 23, 2021

Construction Update (Lost Island)

Photos courtesy of A. Marvets

Construction continues at a feverish pace at the all new Lost Island Theme Park despite the snow.  Here you can see progress on the Intamin Rocket Coaster.

This should be a great thrill ride once completed

The green track is really going to stand out in the sun.

Some thematic details going up in that area

An interesting red structure going up

Appears to be a ride being constructed

The Verkoma SLC is progressing nicely

The first inversion element is being installed in this photo

The lift hill continues to stretch down towards the ground

Finally a Galleon ride has been installed.

January 21, 2021

Mystic River Falls (SDC)


Mystic River Falls is finally getting its ride marquee installed.

January 19, 2021

Park Construction (Lost Island)


Photos courtesy of D. Marvitz

The first drop appears to now be fully in place for the SLC with the first inversion starting to take place

Speaking of inversions, check out this roll on the Intamin Rocket Coaster

Track is starting to go up quickly for this ride

Really digging the thematic elements going up around the ride

Some neat looking buildings going up

One last photo of the ride I'm most excited for at this new park

January 17, 2021

Construction Update (Lost Island)


Photos courtesy of T. Telios

Lots of parts have been staged for assembly.  The green track is the Intamin Rocket Coaster.  The purple supports and navy blue track is for the Vekoma SLC

There's still a lot of parts for the SLC in this lot

There is a third coaster for the park, a standard Wacky Worm and it appears to fully installed.

The green Intamin Rocket Coaster appears to have most of its supports in place.

A tribal looking building is taking shape near that ride.

I love the farm equipment so close to the park, letting you know, you're still in Iowa

January 2, 2021

Dragon Slayer (Adventureland)


It appears that Dragon Slayer is now just waiting for warmer weather to begin testing

It appears that the chain has already been pulled for the ride's lift

I love how the Tornado frames the ride

Definitely a great location for the ride

The skyline of the park has definitely been changed for the better.